Figuring out where things are made, including ownership of the company, can sometimes be difficult. For example, I bought a plastic wading pool for Rocky from my local hardware store; it has “Made in the USA” stamped on it.

I thought, “Oh goodie! A topic for a post.” When I went to research the company for this write up, I actually had to spend some time figuring out who makes it.

The brand is H20Go! — which is manufactured by BestwayUSA, located in Chandler, AZ. The company produces recreational products under 18 brand names.

It’s also owned by Bestway Holding Company, located in China. It took me scrolling through 206 pages of the annual report to find a website address.

I normally do research before purchasing big ticket items, or those that will last for a long time (such as my Made in USA Bully Tools rake — love it!). Before purchasing the pool, I did spend some time visiting a few local stores; the pools on display were all made in China.

So I was happy I found the H20Go! one and that it was made here. The website, however, is a little disingenuous as it doesn’t state that BestwayUSA is owned by Bestway Holding Company, a non-US company.

And that, in a nutshell, is why buying products made in the US is often difficult and time consuming if you’re wanting to be deliberate about your purchases.

As for the pool itself, it’s manufactured of thermoformed plastic. Obviously it’s not meant for dogs, so I wasn’t upset that he bit a hole in it two minutes after getting into it. I sighed and then patched it up with duct tape (made in the US!).

He actually likes the sprinkler better. 🙂

Products in the photo that are made in the USA:

Full Disclosure

I’m not paid nor asked to write about Made in the USA products or the companies that make them. All links in this piece are “free.”

My mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside and this blog is my way of giving back. We like to think a “small” choice, such as purchasing something made in the US by American workers, won’t make a difference. It does.