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Weekly Conversion Reports that assess your marketing’s effectiveness

We frequently encounter marketers who have no idea if their content is generating leads.

To solve this challenge, we provide our own custom Weekly Conversion Report to clients who hire us for ongoing marketing activities.

We’re now offering this service as a stand-alone program for manufacturers who don’t currently work with us but want a better understanding of their marketing ROI.

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The Backstory

We began providing simple conversion reports in 2018 because we wanted to help our manufacturing clients understand where their leads were coming from. We used Google Analytics and manually compiled the data from various reports.

As new clients came on, they told us they loved these reports because they never had this kind of data before.

The more we analyzed data, the more we learned. We could also see we were on to something — even more so when clients began sharing their sales wins with us. (Reading these emails always makes our day.)

In October 2020, Google announced its new Analytics platform, GA4. Universal Analytics would come to an end in June 2023. The problem? GA4 is TERRIBLE! It’s difficult to use, and because it uses predicative metrics (machine learning), it’s not applicable at all to smaller manufacturers’ unique data sets.

Worst of all, it was impossible to get the conversion data we needed in a usable format.

After weeks of frustration, we began searching for alternatives and discovered Matomo Analytics, which we began trialing in November 2022. We loved it so much, we moved all our clients to it in May 2023.

Due to Matomo, and expert coding by Dianna’s son, James, we’re now able to export conversion data and provide it in a beautiful Excel spreadsheet. One client immediately emailed to say, “I love this new format. Thank you HIM team!” Our pleasure. 😊

“Dianna and her team analyze data and recommend changes; more importantly, they listen to us. The result is continuous improvement – to our marketing, website and our processes. We met our goals in 2022 and are on track for 2023.”

Steve Pelletier
Technical Sales Lead, Appli-Tec