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When prospects visit your website, they want to know one thing: “Should I contact this company?”

It’s similar to being sized up on a dating app.

Prospects and buyers quickly skim your website to determine if you can solve their challenge and how you work.

They want to see your capabilities, the people on your team, and testimonials.

Most important, they want a seamless user experience — because that’s what they’ve come to expect from the big consumer websites that give it to them.

Reasons why your website might be costing you business:

  • Poor presentation of content, images, brand — Prospects are vetting you versus you vetting them
  • Too many distractions — Buyers have limited attention spans; your website message has to get to the point, fast
  • Outdated information — Your sales team can’t (or won’t) use the website during sales calls, whether on Zoom or the trade show floor

If your website looks and feels like it’s been neglected for several years, the prospect simply heads back to Google, Bing or other search engine to continue their search.

Huff Industrial Marketing solves these challenges while delivering ROI.

Custom Build Websites <a


all inclusive

All-inclusive package

We do all the hard work for you, from strategy and SEO to uploading new content or images and moving your new site to your web host.


Technical smarts

No matter your product, service, or audience, we create technical content that’s easy for people to understand while showcasing your expertise — and drive leads, too.


Business growth focus

We’re proactive. If we determine we can do something outside the scope of the website plan that will aid your business, we’ll tell you so and why, as well as the cost estimate.


Top-notch service

We meet project milestones, respond to your calls and emails, and generally make working with us a pleasure for you. Just ask any of our clients.

Matt Kays

“In 2020, we hired Dianna Huff and the Huff Industrial Marketing team to redesign our website. The result is AMAZING!! This is the second redesign they’ve done for us — the first was in 2014. Dianna and her team have been great to work with. Over the years, I’ve consulted with them on other ongoing marketing projects. Dianna is extremely knowledgeable in the B2B industrial marketing realm, which has proved to be very helpful to improving the marketing strategy of our small manufacturing company. She and her team are very responsive and helpful, whether on the phone or via email. I would highly recommend Huff Industrial Marketing for any website or marketing needs you may have.”

— Matt Kays, VP, Business Development, Kays Engineering, Inc.

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