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What is Matomo and why are you using it instead of Google Analytics?

Matomo Analytics is a relatively new Google Analytics alternative. Based out of Europe, the application is privacy-based and open-source.

After working with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in mid-2022, we realized it wouldn’t allow us to provide the conversion data we needed to help our clients succeed. It also has other major issues, such as being incredibly difficult to use and providing only two months of data.

Hence, the switch. We began testing Matomo in November 2022 and made the full switch in May 2023. We love it, as do our clients.

Who will add the tracking code? I’m not a techie!

Our developer, Stephen Merriman, will install the Matomo tracking code. We’ll then set up Matomo for you, as well as all goals, and will provide a quick tour through it.

Will the tracking code impact our website at all?

Not at all. Best of all, Matomo is privacy-based. This means that while it tracks user activity, it doesn’t use this data for other purposes, the way Google does.

Can you track Google Ads activity using Matomo?

We still have to ensure GA4 is set up properly so that Ads can measure conversions. But, once this is done, we can use Matomo and URL parameters for your Ads campaigns. You’ll see all conversion activity in one place, just as you do with Google Analytics.

Our website isn’t in WordPress. Can you still work with us?

Unfortunately, we cannot. DIY and legacy platforms (which are often no longer supported) don’t allow us the freedom to make the changes necessary to help you meet your lead conversion goals.

Can you make RFQ form adjustments if needed?

Most likely. We’re experts with using Gravity Forms and also familiar with other WordPress form plugins. We can check first and let you know.

Will you help us understand the data and actions we can take?

Yes, that is part of the fee you pay.

Do we still own our data?

Yes and no. All form data resides in your WordPress backend. The data we provide in the conversion reports is yours.

Our Matomo account is under Huff Industrial Marketing; all client accounts are set up under it. Should you decide to stop working with us, we’ll delete your Matomo account. Or, you can have Matomo transfer it to an account under your company name.

How does billing work?

All work is billed on the first of the month, due Net 10. You can pay by check, ACH, or credit card. We prefer check or ACH.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, simply send one via email.