made in usa jolly ball

After going through several (not made here) Kong squeaky balls, a fellow GSD owner recommended the Jolly Ball.

Apparently, tennis balls become choking hazards as German Shepherds grow. And too, my GSD Rocky loves removing the felt from the balls and then destroying them. I’ve had to throw several away.

Founded in 1994, Jolly Pets is located in Streetsboro, OH and focuses on quality pet toys.

The durable plastic of this Jolly Ball floats and will not deflate, which is good, as Rocky loves getting his jaws of steel around it and biting it. He’s already unknotted one end of the rope (I had to re-braid it for him), and will fall sleep with it in his mouth.

I also bought a Jolly soccer ball for the yard — which he loves! He’s able to run around with it in his mouth without his teeth deflating it. We’re able to play tug with it as well.

Rocky, 8 months old, with his well-loved Jolly ball.

Be sure to check out the company’s About page to see who runs the company. 😉 And do note that not all its products are made in the USA.

Jolly Pets Made in USA dog toy line: Jolly Pets Made in USA collection

Full Disclosure

I’m not paid nor asked to write about Made in the USA products or the companies that make them. All links in this piece are “free.”

My mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside and this blog is my way of giving back. We like to think a “small” choice, such as purchasing something made in the US by American workers, won’t make a difference. It does.