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Benefits of a Custom Marketing Program

Reduce stress, reclaim your valuable time

When you work with us, no hand-holding is required. We hit the ground running and focus on implementation and early wins. We’re fast, smart, and responsive.

No need to hire extra people

We take care of all tasks associated with creating and implementing your marketing program — content, graphics, on-site and studio photography, code, and technical aspects. We provide these services in-house. Nothing is farmed out, or AI generated.

If you need something outside the scope of our offerings, such as an animated video, we’ll vet and hire the right person or agency.

Align marketing and sales

We’re intimately familiar with all aspects of manufacturing across many industries — from adhesives and metals to robotics and machining.

We’re super proficient in branding, messaging, SEO, PPC, Matomo Analytics, LinkedIn, etc. To efficiently drive RFQ form conversions, your brand and messaging is aligned across all marketing channels.

Quick-read weekly conversions report

At the start of working with you, we set a monthly RFQ KPI baseline and goal. You’ll know your program is working because each week we provide you with a report showing where your inquiries came from, plus goal progress.

Customers love this report we create because they can track inquiries to sales.

Measurable, real results

Over time, your website and other marketing will consistently pay real dividends. You’ll see improved branding via search, more targeted traffic to your website, and more calls, emails, and RFQ form submissions.

But the best feedback on our work comes from a supplier to one of our customers. The supplier called to inquire about hiring us. “Whatever you’re doing,” he said, “it’s working. Their sales are exploding.” Can’t get any better than that!

Not getting the results you want from your marketing?

Schedule a call with us first to discuss your challenges or complete our RFQ form.

“I worked with Huff Industrial Marketing while VP of Sales & Business Development at Urethane Innovators. Dianna and her team delivered and executed a plan that focused on website content improvement, SEO analysis, and a greater focus on the use of Google Ads. We saw a marked improvement in the frequency and quality of our leads. I would recommend Huff Industrial Marketing to any company that requires and desires a creative and goal deliverable focused marketing partner!”

Mike Dolan
Sales Leader, South-Tek Systems