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How to Use the Data

Easily compare lead sources

We credit leads using first-click data since our clients’ prospects usually convert in one visit. This approach simplifies lead source comparison for you.

Identify highest-converting pages

Your weekly conversion report includes the landing page for each conversion, allowing you to see the entry page for each visitor. We highlight the highest-converting pages, enabling you to make informed decisions about retaining or modifying them.

Answer content-related questions

We often receive requests to alter content due to internal customer service or other concerns. Before making any changes, we rely on your analytics to:

  • Assess the page’s visitor count.
  • Examine any actions taken by visitors.
  • Determine whether the page is the root cause of the issue or if it stems from another source.

Get certainty about ROI and more

When querying sales and marketing personnel about the time from inquiry to sale, they often provide uncertain estimates. With a few months of conversion data, you can establish:

  • Lead sources
  • Days to conversion
  • The timeline from inquiry to RFQ to sale

This data empowers you to calculate the return on ad or marketing investment.

Close the loop on sales

Our clients love their Weekly Conversion Report because they can track inquiries to lead sources, including the website, PR, referrals, pay-per-click, and social.

Determine where to allocate marketing and sales dollars

With the data, you can make informed decisions instead of relying on guesswork when allocating time and resources.