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© Al Ferreira Photography; Used with permission

We support American manufacturing

  • Our vision is to help build strong communities by keeping manufacturing jobs stateside.
  • We do this by solving the marketing challenges encountered by small manufacturers who make stuff here in the United States.
  • We’re proud supporters of Made in USA and buy these products whenever possible.

Being honest and ethical drives everything we do

  • We don’t work with our customers’ competitors. If we’re not sure, we’ll ask you first (and yep, we’ve been told “no”).
  • We don’t pawn off $25 themes as “custom builds.” (We hear this story a lot; it makes us very angry.)
  • We use a project management tool called Basecamp where you can watch all work being done; you can also talk to anyone on our team, at any time.

We help smaller manufacturers thrive

  • We work solely with industrial manufacturers — job shops and OEMs — with up to 50+ employees.
  • Many of our customers are first- or second-generation family-owned and don’t have a dedicated marketing team.
  • Due to this narrow focus, we have fewer customers on our roster. We see this as a win-win for us and for our customers.
  • The manufacturers who work with us value exceptional marketing and customer service. They also want results. We deliver on these expectations.

We continually improve

  • We’re avid readers and learners; we keep up-to-date on technology and trends.
  • We constantly test our own assumptions.
  • We use data, technology, and our combined expertise to achieve our customers’ marketing goals.