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“I worked with Huff Industrial Marketing while VP of Sales & Business Development at Urethane Innovators. Dianna Huff and her team were great to work with and were a critical and valuable part of the sales and marketing team. Dianna delivered a plan that focused on website content improvement, SEO analysis, and a greater focus on the use of Google Ads. Her team executed the plan, clearly identified key deliverables, and communicated in a timely manner. We ran various campaigns focusing on product families and saw a marked improvement in the frequency and quality of our leads. I would recommend Huff Industrial Marketing to any company that requires and desires a creative and goal deliverable focused marketing partner!”

— Mike Dolan, Sales Leader, South-Tek Systems


“It was a terrific experience working with Dianna and her team at Huff Industrial Marketing as they built us a new website. The entire process was smooth and professional, and we are thrilled with the outcome. I would hire them again!”

— Kodi Carter, Founder/Owner, Pathmark Innovation, LLC

Matt Kays

“In 2020, we hired Dianna Huff and the Huff Industrial Marketing team to redesign our website. The result is AMAZING!! This is the second redesign they’ve done for us — the first was in 2014. Dianna and her team have been great to work with. Over the years, I’ve consulted with them on other ongoing marketing projects. Dianna is extremely knowledgeable in the B2B industrial marketing realm, which has proved to be very helpful to improving the marketing strategy of our small manufacturing company. She and her team are very responsive and helpful, whether on the phone or via email. I would highly recommend Huff Industrial Marketing for any website or marketing needs you may have.”

— Matt Kays, VP, Business Development, Kays Engineering, Inc.

Brandon Acker

“We’ve been working with Huff Industrial Marketing since 2017, when I hired Dianna Huff, and her team of Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman, to design the Titan website and shopping cart. Once this work was complete, Dianna then created a Google Ads campaign for us — and delivered a lead the first month that paid for the entire year’s campaign. Since then, she and her team have created a library of content about our abrasive blast equipment, and have made continual updates to the website and our PPC campaigns — all of which have delivered a steady stream of RFQs for our high-end, custom blast rooms. Most recently, Dianna suggested bringing on Art Sesnovich for PR. Due to his work, Titan is now being featured in trade publications and podcasts; this increased exposure has resulted in more searches for the Titan name and RFQs (including a huge sale). Our results for 2022 far exceeded our goals. I couldn’t be happier.”

— Brandon Acker, President, Titan Abrasive Systems

Kurt Moberly

“During my tenure as GM of Urethane Innovators, I worked with the Huff Industrial Marketing team (Dianna, Rachel and Stephen) for four years. During that time, we put together an excellent website, newsletter, and Google Ads campaign, along with many assorted ad hoc projects. Dianna was also instrumental in helping us create a business plan where none existed — the result of which, UI hired its first VP of Sales & Business Development.

“Of all the things of which I was a part at UI, the marketing is the one of which I’m very proud. For months after, I received numerous positive comments on the website and newsletter from my contacts throughout the urethane industry. To me, these comments say a lot about the efforts of Huff Industrial Marketing. Their work is excellent. You won’t find a more hard working team of people or one as knowledgeable about manufacturing and marketing.”

— Kurt Moberly, Process Engineer, American Eagle Manufacturing

Ann Whittaker

“Dianna and her team were referred to me by a trusted former colleague, Sue Sokoloski. I hired Dianna to enhance the potential candidate experience of our website and facilitate a better sense of the Vicarious Surgical community. Dianna provided many ideas, as well as bringing in the photographer and working with us to determine the shot list / creative direction. She and her team made many changes to the website, with the end result being that we are thrilled with how it communicates our company mission and values, and reflects the diversity of our team. Dianna and her colleagues are a delight to work with.”

— Ann Whittaker, Head of People & Culture, Vicarious Surgical


“We’ve been working with Dianna and her team since 2015, when they first redesigned our website. We recently worked with them to update our content and messaging, as well as add a Careers section. To date, we’ve hired two people who applied for jobs directly from the website – saving us thousands of dollars in employment agency fees.”

— Tim Walsh, CEO, Appli-Tec


“I first hired Huff Industrial Marketing when I was VP of Marketing at (the original) Rethink Robotics. Dianna and her team helped us create product data sheets where none existed, as well as collateral, such as a cobot buyers guide and a corporate style guide for our worldwide distributor network. What I loved about working with Dianna and her team is that they were incredibly responsive and flexible. Each project was completed on time and at the quoted price. Far more critical to us, however, was the fact that Dianna totally understands the industrial manufacturing ecosystem and could get to work immediately. When I moved to my new role at Neurala, and knew I would need outside marketing help, Dianna was the first person I called.”

— Sue Sokoloski, VP of Marketing, Neurala

Cory Ploessl

“European Home enlisted the services of Dianna as a marketing consultant, and I had the extreme pleasure to work with her (as their first Marketing Manager) for two years. The vast majority of customers we talked to found us through a simple Internet search. Over a one year span our site saw an increase in total traffic of 77% due to her initial and ongoing SEO efforts. More than just the numbers, however, Dianna was always able and willing to work with us — acting as an SEO data analyst one day and marketing mentor the next. She works extremely hard on her clients’ behalf and somehow finds the time to stay up to date on crucial marketing developments. I would commonly get the call, ‘Did you hear what Google is doing now!? This is what we need to do to prepare…’ I always knew our best interests were in good hands.”

— Cory Ploessl, Digital Marketing Analyst, Structural

Amy Almeida Prigmore

“I worked closely with Huff Industrial Marketing on redesigning our company’s web site. Throughout the process Dianna and her team were consummate professionals. Dianna took great pains to understand our company’s communication goals from our first meeting. She thinks strategically and brought excellent direction and follow through to the project. Our entire management team has been enormously impressed with Dianna’s integrity and desire to exceed our expectations at every turn. We’re also thrilled with our redesigned website. Our company has great confidence in Huff Industrial Marketing, and look forward to working with them on other projects.”

— Amy Almeida Prigmore, VP, Finance and Administration, New England Electropolishing

Tom Stanek

“We much appreciated Dianna Huff’s careful study of our business and goals to craft our message and help us refresh our marketing plans. She understands manufacturers and regional businesses big and small and how businesses sell. Best of all, she has an fine team of colleagues that supply expertise where needed. They will work very hard for you. Huff Industrial Marketing can help in ways large and small, just ask.”

— Tom Stanek, Founder and President, K2 Castings

Mary Fitzgerald

“Working with Dianna was a pleasure! She rewrote our website content to improve our presence in organic online searches and was very responsive and helpful. Even when the rewriting project was completed, Dianna continued to assist us and our web designer in laying out our website to create a more cohesive and dynamic visual message. We’re definitely seeing an improvement in the number of leads we’re getting — and the people who call are targeted prospects who understand what we provide.”

— Mary Fitzgerald, President, Acme Wire Products Co., Inc.

Dennis Woodruff

“I’m very happy with how you and your team helped me and my team create a new website (and then revised it a few years later). You gave us excellent insights; in fact, you understood what goes on in my head better than I do. You’re not a 20-something who is all hyped up on social media. I have three grown children — all of whom have friends who ‘do websites.’ You’re a true communications professional.”

— Dennis Woodruff, Founder and CEO, ClearView Consulting Company

Jaylin Krell

“We hired Dianna to help us optimize our site in November 2010 and then hired her to provide ongoing marketing services for all of 2011. With her help we were able to double our organic search traffic and increase our leads. She also created some really great marketing collateral pieces where none existed, including a case study, white papers, blog posts, and a monthly newsy-letter for our sales reps and distributors. Our reps were so happy, they thanked me! I highly recommend Dianna for your marketing needs. It’s a true pleasure working with her.”

— Jaylin Krell, VP Marketing, MacroAir Technologies, Inc.

Ken Campbell

“My partners and I love our new website and the copy you developed is terrific. I found it very easy to work with you and felt extremely comfortable placing our story in your hands. Unlike many other website developers and public relationship firms, you get it. You know that great benefit driven copy best sells the business and promotes the reader to take action. You delivered exactly as promised, which these days is more rare then you may think. Although my partner was first concerned that your lack of knowledge of the golf industry might be a liability, this was quickly resolved with the level of commitment and background research you conducted. You simply understand how to speak the business language, no matter what the subject matter. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking to grow their business or better tell their story with content that is simple, effective and compelling.”

— Ken Campbell, COO, Greenway Golf