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See your marketing stats every week

The beauty of receiving a Weekly Conversion Report is that you can quickly see what’s working, and what’s not. Instead of vague metrics such as pageviews or “traffic,” you’ll see tangible data you can use:

  • The exact number of RFQs or Contact form submissions
  • Email click data you can match with your inbox
  • Call data if you use Google Ads and/or non-paid mobile calls

By the end of the first month, you’ll know where your leads are coming from.


How it works

  • We install Matomo Analytics tracking code on your website
  • You receive a private Matomo login to access your website data
  • Each week you’ll receive an Excel spreadsheet summarizing the previous week’s data
  • We track website conversions such as RFQs, Contact, Email, and Calls (including those from Google Ads); Form data is matched to WordPress form submissions
  • We identify lead sources, including Organic/SEO, PR, Referral, PPC, Social, etc.
  • Additional data includes Days to Conversion, Landing Page, Email and Call geo location and time, and website search queries
  • You’ll also have access to the full suite of Matomo reports, including heat maps, Session Recordings, data charts, custom dashboard, downloads, etc.

Program Fees

$3,575 for first three months (includes Matomo set up, reviewing website, etc.)

$775 monthly thereafter (includes one monthly call to review data and unlimited email)

Additional: Startup fee doesn’t include fixing, updating, or setting up RFQ or Contact forms in WordPress. We’ll provide a separate quote if needed.

“As part of the management of our Google Ads account, Dianna recommended we move from GA4 to Matomo analytics; she then set up the account for us. The data being captured is quite helpful – especially the heatmaps – and now I’m thinking big time! Dianna and her team is proactive and responsive.”

Martin French
Director Sales & Marketing, Norwix