A friend was over for dinner and commented several times on my candles. They were so beautiful. They didn’t drip. Who made them?

I’ve been using Mole Hollow candles for 20 years now.

I originally found them at the Hallmark store in town. I loved how smooth they felt, and the subtle colors. They also burned for many hours and yes, they don’t drip.

For many years, however, I didn’t know Mole Hollow, a company located in Sturbridge, MA, made them! I learned their origin last spring, when the retail store changed hands, and suddenly, a sign appeared on the candle display with the brand name.

I did a search and oooooh! I was so happy to learn about this wonderful company in western MA. They make candles using traditional hand-dipped techniques. Check out their process:

Best of all, you can order directly from them. Now I buy candles by the dozen. 😍 I love the unscented 12″ tapers.

(Also in the photo: The hydrangea are from my yard. The solid maple table was made by Saloom Furniture, also in MA. More on them to come! I’ve had the silver-plated candle holders my entire adult life and don’t remember where I got them.)

Full Disclosure

Link to Mole Hollow is “free.” I’m not paid nor asked to write about US-made products. I buy products, use them, and if I like them, I tell everyone about them.

I do this because my mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. This mission is my way of giving back. We like to think our “small” choices won’t make a difference. They do.