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Our Team

We’re a team of professionals and pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you. The result is great work, of course, but it also means we become an integral part of your business.

All work is done in-house. We’re available by phone, email, or Zoom during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM eastern or by appointment).

Dianna Huff has a rich background in manufacturing, marketing communications, and SEO copywriting. Her passion is working with smaller American manufacturers; she loves making a difference in the lives of the people she works with. Dianna’s vision is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. She’s been buying Made in USA since 2015.

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Dianna Huff

Founder and President

  • Rachel Cunliffe

    Rachel Cunliffe: Designer & Creative Director

    Rachel draws on 21 years of experience designing websites for companies worldwide. She is a deft communicator, with strength in how to best present clients’ messages. With a BS (Hons) in statistics, she brings data science into web design, testing, and analysis.

  • Stephen Merriman

    Stephen Merriman: Developer & Technical Support

    Stephen oversees all aspects of developing easy-to-use, fast-loading WordPress websites from scratch, including training, technical support, bug fixing and site maintenance. He’s fast, accurate, and incredibly thorough.

  • Al Ferreira

    Al Ferreira: Industrial Photographer

    Based in Hartford, CT, Al Ferreira specializes in industrial photography and videography — both onsite and in-studio. We’ve worked with Al for many years and rely on his expertise to tell manufacturers’ stories through compelling imagery.

  • Art Sesnovich

    Art Sesnovich: PR

    Art has extensive experience in public relations, journalism, and marketing communications, and has won numerous industry awards for his work. Art gains extensive media coverage for clients, including industry trade publications and podcast interviews.

  • james

    James Alavosus: Data Analytics – Progamming

    A software engineer, James’ focus is backend services and infrastructure, with expertise in bitcoin and EVM blockchains. He currently manages our clients’ PPC accounts, helps with Matomo Analytics, and provides updates to our conversion reporting when needed.

  • rocky

    Rocky: Director of Play

    Rocky, Dianna’s GSD, pokes his head in the office door when it’s time to get off the computer and take a break. He loves having sticks thrown for him and enjoys walks on local trails.