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A supplier of industrial packaging materials, machinery, and parts, Industrial Packaging in Webster, MA wanted to provide its customers with highest quality products and services, as well as timely delivery.

To reach this goal, company management instituted a Vendor Rating Program in 2011. While simple in concept, the results surprised the management team.

Going into the program, the team wasn’t sure what the response would be from vendors, especially since many were considerably larger and older.

“We’re a small company that does business in New England,” says Nathan Dube, Digital Marketing Specialist for Industrial Packaging. “What I found surprising was how positively vendors responded to our Vendor Rating Program, with many working to improve their already high ratings.”

Evaluate vendors; provide feedback

Each vendor is evaluated once a year by Operations and Sales. Criteria is based on Delivery, Quality, Cost, and Service. Once evaluated, the vendor receives a grade ranging from A – F. The company’s objective is to have all vendors with an A or B rating.

Vendor Badge

If a vendor rates a C, the Operations and Sales team will speak to the vendor about ways to improve their rating. If a vendor rates at D or F, the team will meet with the vendor to understand why the score is below par, as well as to discuss ways to improve the score. The vendor’s improvement plan is due one week after the meeting.

Vendors with A or B ratings receive a “Top Vendor” badge from Industrial Packaging.

Surprising results

According to Dube, vendors take the evaluations and ratings quite seriously. “We have vendors who received a B rating that wanted to know how to improve to reach the A rating. Others who received a low grade worked to improve their rating because they valued doing business with us.”

The value to vendors for improving their rating is a strong business partnership with Industrial Packaging. In the last ten years, only one supplier didn’t reply to the evaluation and the request for a meeting due to a low grade. Industrial Packaging moved that vendor’s business elsewhere.

“Companies really hold themselves to high standards,” says Dube, “and seeing them take our Vendor Rating Program seriously is quite gratifying. As we’ve gathered more information over the years, we’ve set stringent requirements. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver the best products, on time.”

Industrial Packaging partners with manufacturers large and small across the U.S. that provide the following:

Shrink Packaging Machinery
Shrink Film
Other Materials

  • Blister packaging
  • Skin packaging
  • Clam shells
  • Surlyn film
  • Strapping
  • Heat sealable film
  • Roll bags
  • Poly bags

Bagging Machinery
Parts & Services for machinery

To learn more, or to inquire about the company’s products and services, visit Industrial Packaging’s website.