Job seeker on computer

It’s a job seekers market. At the end of March 2021, it was estimated the U.S. had over 8 million open jobs.

Due to this fact, many states are now ending unemployment benefits in an effort to get people back to work.

This means people are out job hunting – and they’re all online, browsing, swiping, and clicking.

It also means they’re looking at your website to determine if they should contact you . . . or not.

Based on the site reviews Rachel Cunliffe (our Creative Director and Website Designer) and I have done, these are the four main reasons your website isn’t helping you attract job seekers, and in fact, might be repelling them.

Reason 1: It looks and works terribly on phones.

Younger workers, and many older ones, too, do everything on their phone. This includes vetting prospective employers and applying for jobs. If your website doesn’t function on their phones, they simply leave.

Tip: Thoroughly analyze your website on your phone. If you were a job hunter and knew nothing about your company, what impression do you get? Do you have broken links or images? Is it difficult to navigate? Fix every single glitch.

Reason 2: Your website is completely outdated.

You may be doing some really exciting things in your company that would pique the interest of job seekers. But, they view your website, which hasn’t been updated in five years. They run into technology snafus, outdated images (e.g. Internet Explorer icons), or a blog that was last updated in 2018.

The message job seekers see is, “This company is stodgy and has limited opportunity for growth.”

Reason 3: Images don’t resonate

The website copy says people are important, but the website images show parts, the building, or even the parking lot (yep, it’s true).

Again, go through your website, but this time, pay attention to the images.

  • What messages are they communicating?
  • Do you have high quality images of your people at work, or do you rely on staged stock photos?
  • Does your About page have a picture of your team or your building?

Reason 4: It’s missing a Careers section.

A number of manufacturers who indicated workforce attraction was a huge challenge also lacked a Career section on their websites.

Simply put, if you don’t have a Careers section, how are people supposed to apply for a job or learn why they should work for you?

Does your website Careers section need some help?

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