People call me after they’ve been searching for a bit and say, “Wow, no one else is doing what you’re doing.”

Yep! And, because I focus solely on US-based small industrial manufacturers, I’ve learned lots of ways to ensure you get results — that is, more inquiries — while on a small budget.

Three guiding principles make Huff Industrial Marketing different from your typical marketing consulting firm or ad agency and their sometimes exorbitant rates:

Huff Industrial Marketing Report


You get tested and proven recommendations based on your objectives, data, and feedback rather than blindly following what everyone else is doing.

Dianna Huff - Continual Improvements

Continual improvement

Whether it’s learning new skills or finding ways to be more efficient, the result for you is a marketing consultant who is up-to-date, responsive, and efficient.

Manufacturing Expertise - Dianna Huff, Huff Industrial Marketing

Manufacturing expertise

I know what it’s like to work in a small manufacturing company because I’ve done it: I made sails for sailboats to put myself through school and then worked the front office of a small, woman-owned industrial sewing company for seven years.

The result is long-term relationships with people like you built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.

To meet your business and marketing objectives, I offer three services. You can begin with whichever suits your budget and needs (but most people start with the website overhaul).

Huff Industrial Manufacturing Marketing Strategy Document

Annual Marketing Consulting Program

As a small business owner, you’re often too busy to think through a short- and long-term marketing strategy. With the AMCP, you get a marketing strategy tailored to your business, custom monthly reports and analysis, and four meetings with me during the year to discuss progress.

Website Overhauls

You have an existing website that’s outdated, not generating leads, or isn’t getting found in Google (or all three). This service is the “full she-bang,” a completely redesigned website and content overhaul tailored to your business.

Search Advertising Program Management

Adwords Consulting and Program Management

You want to start using AdWords or you have a campaign that isn’t producing results and want professional help. This program is based on getting you conversions — email, phone, and form inquiries — versus simply clicks.