Manufacturing & Marketing Career Highlights

  • Five years working the production floor making sails for sailboats and doing boat maintenance — while going to school full-time.
  • Seven years running the front office of a small, woman-owned technical sewing company — Everything from answering four phone lines and assisting customers to quoting custom jobs and maintaining the books.
  • Two years working corporate for Varian Associates providing marketing communications support for two U.S. factories — Work included the full spectrum of marcom: tradeshows, marketing literature, direct mail, newsletters, and PR.
  • 16 years as a B2B marketing communications consultant — From 1998 to 2013, I worked under the name DH Communications, Inc. and provided top-notch marketing, SEO, and copywriting services to companies ranging from global multi-nationals, such as Cabot Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific, to dozens of small and mid-sized industrial firms across the U.S.

My vision: To bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Dianna Huff

In 2014, I changed my business to Huff Industrial Marketing in order to focus on what I do best: working with small, family-owned manufacturers.

Manufacturers have faced real challenges in the last 20 years. Those who’ve survived have done so through sheer guts, determination and smarts. This is the story I want to tell because I see it whenever I walk into a client’s facility.

Manufacturing is what made this country great. I’m proud to be part of its history. Even better, I’m happy I have the ability to work with people like you and help you grow through marketing — while also helping to keep jobs here in the U.S.

In my off time, I’m an avid cyclist and participate in local century and multi-day rides. In 2016, I did my first such ride from the NH / Canadian border to the southern border — and then did it again in 2017 because I loved the challenge and the fact that the fundraising ride benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I’m also a DIYer, farm-to-table foodie, a newbie gardener, and mom to a son in college (he’s majoring in computer science).