MatomoCamp is the online event that focuses on Matomo Analytics, the most used digital analytics Free software solution.

We’ve been using Matomo since December 2022 and after extensive trialing, moved all our clients over in May 2023. We no longer use Google Analytics or GA4.

Slide from our MatomoCamp 2023 presentation

Ronan Chardonneau, Customer Experience Manager for Matomo, asked if James Alavosus and I would be interested in presenting at MatomoCamp 2023. He’d been following some of my posts on LinkedIn about our success with the application.

Answer: Of course! We presented a case study, Small Data, Big Results: Tracking Website Conversions for Smaller Manufacturers.

The use case includes:

  • Why we made the switch to Matomo
  • How we track website conversions — RFQ forms, email, and calls — for smaller industrial manufacturers
  • Exporting data using the Matomo API to create formatted Excel conversion reports for our clients.

Download the PowerPoint PDF.

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