Dianna Huff

Helping Small, Family-Owned Industrial Manufacturers Grow Through Marketing

Dianna Huff

A small industrial manufacturing company like yours often has a wonderful story of real innovation, one that’s firmly based in the strong family values that helped your granddad, parents, or you build your company.

But, your story isn’t being told. You’re busy running your company, and you run lean. You don’t have the time or staff for your day-to-day marketing — let alone thinking through the strategy and ideas that drive new business.

Which is where I come in. I’m Dianna Huff, founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. With 20 years experience working with industrial OEMs and job shops, my approach is simple: Whether you need a new website or want ongoing marketing help, I create and implement thoughtful strategies that help your business grow.

See how I can help you:

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What you get when you work with me:

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Industry know-how

From process improvements and lean manufacturing to job shops and OEMs, I speak your language.

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Custom strategies

You’re a small industrial manufacturer – not a big box retailer. My specialty is creating marketing strategies specifically tailored to your business, goals, services/products, and audience.

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You get tested and proven recommendations based on your objectives, data, and feedback rather than blindly following what everyone else is doing. The result? More sales.

I’d love to put my expertise to work for you.

Companies that trust their marketing to Huff Industrial Marketing:

  • Appli-Tec, Inc.
  • Urethane Innovators
  • Kays Engineering, Inc.
  • K2 Castings, Inc.