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  • Tim and Dianna

“We’re calling because we want an agency that understands manufacturing.”

Dianna Huff

I’m a cyclist. I’m also a proud supporter of Made-in-USA: Gunnar bike frame, Custom bike build – Cycles, Etc., Aerotech bike clothes, Polar Bottle®, NYMB tool bag.

A personal message from Dianna Huff

People call us because they’re not getting the results they want with their current marketing agency. They’ve spent a lot of money for little in return and now feel burned.

I’ve heard this story so many times I’ve lost count.

Based on these conversations, my team and I spent all of 2020 revising our approach. We created process-based programs that require considerably less cash outlay, and we shifted our focus from tactics to solving the challenges most manufacturers face.

“That’s great,” you’re thinking, “but can I trust you?”

I started Huff Industrial Marketing because I love manufacturing and working with small, family-owned manufacturers. My vision is to keep jobs stateside — and our communities strong — by helping you grow. (It’s why I buy American whenever possible).

While many agencies claim to understand the marketing needs of industrial manufacturers, it’s all we do. We walk the shop floors and production lines of our customers to see firsthand their processes and learn how to best craft a strategy and position their company.

I know growing a business is hard work. I want Huff Industrial Marketing to be a part of this work. My team and I want to get to know you and cheer your wins. I want you working with us five years from now because you see the value and the growth — but most important, because we’ve built a relationship together based on mutual respect and trust.

Bottom line: We get manufacturing, and we care about your success.

(PS — If you are thinking about changing agencies, read our helpful FAQ first.)

We solve the challenges you face

Workforce Attraction

Workforce Attraction

Build a great team.
Attract the right people.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Grow revenue.
Gain more sales-ready leads.


Website Design

Demonstrate expertise.
Establish trust and credibility.


Marketing Help

Build your brand.
Market your business.