Image by Sung Jin Cho, Unsplash

Making the final edits to a website about to go-live is very exciting! Everything looks fresh and clean — the result of weeks of discussion, copywriting, design, and coding.

To ensure go-live success, the Huff Industrial Marketing team oversees several critical tasks before, during, and after.

  • Redirects — This means we make sure your current URLs redirect to new URLs (if applicable). Unchanged URLs simply transfer over. We also check Google for any old pages in its search index but not showing on the website and create redirects for those as well.
  • HTTP redirects to HTTPS — Google sees HTTP and HTTPS as two different URLs. To avoid confusion, our developer Stephen Merriman creates a redirect if needed.
  • Configure new web host (if applicable) — If the existing website is on a DIY platform, Stephen configures the new web host before moving the site over from the development server.
  • Go live! — Stephen moves the website over, and within minutes, it’s live for the world to see. I personally love this moment. Break open the champagne! Yay! 🎉
  • Removal of the old website — Stephen ensures the old website is no longer showing in search engines. Having an old site and a new site is very confusing to search engines and to people!
  • Analytics goals — If they’re not already configured, I create the conversion goals we’ll be tracking in Analytics. (I’m actually using Matomo now — a friendlier alternative to GA4.)
  • Any final changes — Customers often have final tweaks in the hours and days after go-live. We’re happy to make these changes.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your manufacturing website, and you want to improve your sales over time, call 603-382-8093 or shoot me an email.