Form Cut Home Page – Before


A manufacturer of terminal pins and intricate wire form parts for over 50 years, Form Cut wanted to redesign the company website, which was outdated and not mobile-friendly.


  • Completely redesign the website, including design, copy, and images
  • Improve the user experience and make the website mobile-friendly
  • Optimize the content for search in order to increase the number of inquiries

Project Team

  • Bruce Ballard, Phil Kudler, Form Cut Industries — Feedback, direction
  • Dianna Huff, Huff Industrial Marketing — Messaging strategy, project management, and all copy
  • Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman, Cre8d Design — Custom WordPress design and development
  • Al Ferreira, Al Ferreira Photography — Product photography


Form Cut Home Page — After


Tell Form Cut’s story through professional photography

The first order of business was having Dianna meet the Form Cut team at their facility in New Jersey. After going over the business side of things and explaining what Form Cut wanted to achieve, Phil Kudler gave Dianna a tour of the manufacturing plant.

As soon as Dianna saw what Form Cut made — very, very small wire formed pins with intricate details, cut outs, etc. — and how they made them, she knew instantly that the best way to tell their story, and show their expertise and capabilities, was through photography.

Bruce Ballard and Phil sent Al Ferreira a large selection of parts, which Al shot in his studio. Watching Al work is always an amazing learning experience. For Form Cut’s photos, he used a special lens and photographic technique to ensure very high resolution of very tiny parts. For some of them, you couldn’t see the details with the naked eye; Dianna had to wait for Al to photography them in order to see the very fine details.

Create the design templates; revise the copy

Once we had the photos, Rachel began creating the design templates while Dianna worked with Bruce and Phil to update the copy. Rather than simply show photos of parts, we added full descriptions to each photo so that engineers would understand one, just how small the parts were, and two, what Form Cut had done to create them (e.g. bends, cut outs, radius ends, etc.).

The goal was to give engineers a good overview of the types of parts Form Cut could create — as well as the challenges they help solve. As part of the copy update process, Dianna interviewed Form Cut client to solicit all new testimonials.

WordPress design and coding

Once the designs and copy were approved, Stephen Merriman then coded up the site. One benefit of working with a team like ours, and having us build your website from scratch, is that you get to see your website as it will look and function live — before it actually goes live. It’s also very easy for us to make changes (which we do at no additional charge).

After going through the entire website, Bruce and Phil requested a number of adjustments, edits, and other changes. Once these were made, and the website approved, Stephen made it live. As part of this process, he also moved the website (and the domain) to the new web hosting company.


The result is a clean website that shows Form Cut’s capabilities. The new site includes information engineers and buyers need to do business with the company. The website was also optimized for search — and a few weeks after go-live, Form Cut received their first organic inquiry from a Fortune 100 company.

Two months after go-live Form Cut retained Dianna to implement an AdWords program.