Form Cut Industries, a manufacturer of specialized terminal pins and formed wire parts, wanted a new website to better communicate the company’s capabilities.

Engineers were finding the website through search, but only when they searched for the very specialized materials listed on Form Cut’s material list.

Form Cut, however, also specializes in extremely tiny parts.

One of their parts is so small, 32,000 of them fit into a thimble. These small parts feature intricate details, such as machined grooves, knurling, and other features, not often visible to the naked eye.

The challenge then, was how to communicate Form Cut’s capabilities.

Words such as, “We make parts as small as the thickness of a human hair,” while dramatic and descriptive, are easily missed when skimming a web page.

They also don’t readily create a picture in the reader’s mind. How often do people look at single strands of hair?

To address this challenge, Huff Industrial Marketing recommended Al Ferreira, industrial photographer, to shoot high definition photos of their very small and intricate parts.

Instead of simply creating a photo gallery, Huff Industrial Marketing added photo captions to explain exactly what engineers were seeing in the photo – right down to dimensions, specialized machining, and materials used.

The result: A website that demonstrates exactly what Form Cut can create — accompanied by stunning photography that tells the story.

Visit the website:

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