Tom Stanek wears multiple hats — including a hard hat.

Tom Stanek
Tom Stanek, President, Abby Industrial

In addition to being President of K2 Castings, a supplier of metal shredder wear parts, he’s also an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM). This means he oversees huge industrial construction projects on behalf of the owner, usually a large company or government organization. He keeps projects running smoothly, solves all problems, and ensures things stay on budget and on time.

In 2018, he asked Huff Industrial Marketing to create a new website for his OPM business. Up until then, he had listed his OPM services on his K2 Castings website (also designed, written, and built by us in 2014).

As part of the new design, we created pages detailing his services and types of projects. We also added a News blog where Tom could feature news and other helpful information (when he has the time between his multiple OPM projects) — as well as information on why companies should hire a certified Service Disable Veteran Owned Business like his.

Ongoing work includes:

  • Regular visits to the Schnitzer Steel recycling plant in Everett, MA to learn about industrial construction, metal shredding, and Tom’s OPM role.
  • Creating a Government Contracting Capabilities Sheet, along with a supporting page about Abby Industrial being a certified SDVOB.
  • Interviewing and then writing a News post about how Tom works with a General Contractor, such as Methuen Construction.
  • Writing an article, with Tom’s byline, for’s magazine based on a piece that appeared in his News blog.

View the Abby Industrial website.

(We also manage and create content for Tom’s other business website K2 Castings.)


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