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Media Mentions

  • The Story Behind Her Success Podcast / 1.6.2023

    Interview with Candy O’Terry

    How Dianna started the Keep It Made USA blog and why she buys American-made; however, Candy also delves into her life experiences, including how she dropped the engine on her old beat-up VW Bug — by reading a book!

  • Women and Manufacturing Podcast / 6.1.2022

    How to Support Made in USA, with Rosemary Coates

    A fantastic discussion with Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, on how Dianna Huff got started in manufacturing, current supply chain issues, and why buying products made in the USA makes our country stronger.

  • Manufacturing Talks Podcast / 4.19.2022

    Interview with Jim Vinoski

    Jim Vinoski and Dianna Huff talk about her “how I got here” story plus all things manufacturing. A lively and fun conversation!

  • Industrial Packaging Podcast / 3.25.2022

    Made in USA Packaging and Products, with Nathan Dube

    Host Nathan Dube and Dianna Huff talk about why packaging is as important as the products inside — and how boxes, bags, containers, flexible pouches, etc. help keep jobs stateside and communities strong.

  • NIST - MEP Webinar / 3.20.2020

    How to Use Website Content Marketing to Generate Leads

    A webinar sponsored by NIST for its Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) members; presented by Dianna Huff and Rachel Cunliffe.

  • BB&T Financial Services / 12.14.2019

    Can a Great Website Improve Your Cash Flow?

    It sure can! An interview with our Creative Director Rachel Cunliffe and BB&T’s Zachary Sink.

  • How to Narrow Your Marketing Focus, Stand Out and Profit / 6.20.2015

    Podcast: Interview with Stephen Lahey

    Stephen Lahey and Dianna Huff discuss the strategic shift she made to the business in 2014.