For industrial manufacturers, getting results from Google Ads can be challenging — especially if you’re selling a custom capability or service to other manufacturers within a niche market.

To make Google Ads work for you, it’s more about figuring out what works for your specific products and services — and less about what works for “B2B” in general.

To ensure you get results (relevant inquiries that become sales), I work closely with you to create a customized program that we then tweak based on the data. The result is high-quality leads we can track — email, phone calls, and form submissions — to ensure they become sales over time.

To become a Google Ads Parter, I had to meet specific objectives, including campaign performance, set by Google. I’m also Google Analytics certified.

The Google Ads service includes:

  • Tying in your Ads strategy with your overall marketing strategy and goals
  • Setting up your campaigns or troubleshooting existing campaigns
  • Correctly configuring Analytics Goals in order to accurately measure conversions across Paid and Organic
  • Creating landing pages for Ad Groups that improve Quality Score and get you leads
  • Monitoring daily ad spend, clicks, and conversions (versus setting your account to automatic and then forgetting about it)
  • Testing ad concepts and ad extensions
  • Adding tracking code as needed to track email clicks, form and dynamic call tracking conversions
  • Helping you determine ROI for the campaigns


Campaign fees depend on your monthly spend, campaign set up, etc. Please inquire.