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While running a successful AdWords campaign can be complex at the best of times, it presents a special challenge to small industrial manufacturers.

It’s one thing to advertise a widely understood product, such as a running shoe or blender, to a large consumer market.

It’s another thing entirely to sell a manufacturing capability that’s only really understood by those in the industry — and even more so when the end-products look and function differently based on the specifications of the buyer (e.g. “made to spec”).

This challenge is particularly pronounced in the world of search engine marketing, where industrial manufacturers must adapt to the AdWords platform that is, let’s face it, more geared toward retailers.

In my column for Search Engine Land, “The PPC challenge of selling manufacturing capability vs. stock products,” I demonstrate how, by carefully and patiently running a variety of experiments, based on different approaches and ideas, a Huff Industrial marketing client is now seeing good results — as in a triple digit sales increase over 6 months.