Rachel Cunliffe and I were thrilled to be guests on the MFG eCommerce Success LinkedIn live stream.

We were asked how do we each make the world a better place? My answer: By buying Made in USA.

Regarding distraction free websites, I especially enjoyed Rachel’s discussion about what users bring to websites in terms of their emotional states:

✔ Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, hurried, unfocused, exhaustion
✔ Information overload, speed of change – cognitive impact
✔ Politics, COVID, distressing news, social media disagreements, fear of being cancelled

These constant strains — or chronic sources of stress — reset what’s “normal,” and the body begins to change. Chronic stress brings about a “weathering,” according to public health researcher Arline Geronimus (2023).

All of this is why we focus on creating distraction-free websites — to instill calm, as well as a thoughtfulness to what the manufacturer and the user want to achieve in the most efficient way possible.

You can listen to the entire conversation at the B2BTail website.

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