Our bread and butter is the day-to-day work we do for our ongoing marketing clients. We get requests that range from “Can you create a new business card design?” to “We need a new trade show backwall. Can you help?”

Answer: Yes.

We created the awesome backwall pictured below for Titan Abrasive and EASTEC 2023. Even the EASTEC folks came by to say, “What a fantastic backwall!” Our “secret”: A backwall is similar to a billboard. It shouldn’t have more than seven words. Plus excellent photography and backlighting always helps. 😀

Titan Abrasive EASTEC 2023 backwall

We also get asked if we can help with LinkedIn pages and profile headers. Profile headers can be tricky, especially if you’re not a designer or writer. I’ve spent hours on mine and have changed it several times — and I do this for a living!

Once we completed the new website for Keystone Precision & Engineering, our client Tyler Stanieich asked if we could help create a profile header that everyone in the company could use.

He said, “I really like how Dianna did hers. Can you help me with wording for mine?”

Behind the scenes . . .

A profile header should match your brand and communicate your message — plus include a high quality headshot, which Tyler already had from the website photoshoot.

To create the profile header, I first went back to the website to remind myself of the overall messaging because I wanted the header to reinforce it and the brand.

I then gave our designer, Rachel Cunliffe, a few simple directives and let her go to work. She nailed it in one. (As part of the website redesign process, she also created Keystone’s new logo and branding so that made things much easier.)

Doing this type of work never gets old nor routine. I personally love helping clients create a brand and messaging, and then creating all the elements to communicate it — whether internally or externally.

To view the new Keystone website, visit www.keystoneprec.com. Photography by Al Ferreira.

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