story behind her successI’m thrilled and honored to have been interviewed by Candy O’Terry, a long-time Boston radio DJ and the producer – host of The Story Behind Her Success.

While this interview is about my Keep It Made USA blog and why I buy American-made, Candy also delves into my life experiences. I ended up sharing quite a few stories, including how I dropped the engine on my old beat-up VW Bug — by reading a book!

(I also share some personal stories and actually cried when I heard the interview. Candy did a beautiful job.)

The Story Behind Her Success is a radio show I’ve listened to for years, so being featured on it is like a dream come true.

Candy O’Terry is a consummate interviewer and professional; she definitely knows how to bring to light women’s stories in the best way possible.

The show will be live on her 9-station radio network the weekend of January 7, 2023.

Listen here or on your favorite podcast network:

Find other interviews at her website:

Made in USA companies or people I mention in the interview: Titan Abrasive Systems (customer), Allegiance Flag Supply, David Josef, Fashion Designer, and Dean Wegner, Authentically American.