I’ve been wearing these socks for years and the best thing: They’re guaranteed for life!

I first heard about Darn Tough from a piece the Alliance for American Manufacturing did on the company in 2016 and bought a few pairs.

I love the colors and patterns, and the fact you can get “cushioned” ones – awesome for when you wear boots in winter.

I wear my socks to death and learned recently that you can send in your worn out socks using their Warranty page. You will get a credit for new socks. Now, how awesome is that? Pretty darn!

The socks are made in Vermont using “yarns from America and around the globe.” You can order online or purchase at local retail stores. I do both — depending on what’s in stock at my local shoe store.

Read their story and how they made Northfield, VT the sock capital of the world.

Full Disclosure
I’m not paid nor asked to write about Made in the USA products. I buy a product and use it. If I like it, I write about it and tell everyone I know about it.

I do it because my mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. This mission is my way of giving back. We like to think our “small” choices won’t make a difference. They do.