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Appli-Tec Home Page – Before


CEO Tim Walsh first contacted Huff Industrial Marketing in 2015. Appli-Tec’s dated website wasn’t helping the company get inquiries nor was it doing well in organic search results. The website, which had been created using Drupal (a content management system), required an outside company to do updates. It also wasn’t mobile-friendly.

As part of the website redesign, Walsh wanted customers to download SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and TDS (Technical Data Sheets) on demand. And, because the hundreds of SDS/TDS the company had on file were frequently updated, he wanted his team to make the updates to the website database – versus having to send these requests to the website design firm.

Completely redo the entire website, including strategy, design, copy, and photos, in order to better tell Appli-Tec’s story. In addition, move the site from Drupal to WordPress to make it easy for the Appli-Tec team to make changes when needed.

Appli-Tec Home Page - After

Appli-Tec Home Page – After


Based in Salem, NH, Appli-Tec specializes in the manufacture of pre-mixed and frozen adhesives, as well as providing add-on services, such as potting and encapsulation of micro-electronics. To fully tell the company story, work began with Dianna Huff touring the facility. It was during the tour that she learned of Appli-Tec’s exacting attention to detail and the steps it takes in its process.

Tell the company story through copy and images

Because the Appli-Tec facility is immaculate, Huff recommended that Walsh have all new photographs taken in order to show prospective customers Appli-Tec’s facility and attention to detail. (Especially important because prospective customers will often tour the facility before deciding to work with Appli-Tec.)

In addition to repurposing content from the old website, Huff worked with the Appli-Tec team to create new content, such as Case Studies and FAQs, for a new More Info section.

The team also added a new “Advantages of Working with Appli-Tec,” section, which included a new GHS Labeling page, as well as info about how Appli-Tec helps engineers reduce their costs and risks. All copy was fully optimized for search.

WordPress design and development

Appli-Tec’s attention to detail and exacting standards came to life through the magic and creativity of Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman who designed and coded the website. Using the new photographs, and a fresh layout, they were able to visually illustrate Appli-Tec’s message.

New photography by Al Ferreira included people at work, as well as the testing instruments and other tools that backup Appli-Tec’s “zero defect” and “on time, every time” messages.

The Huff team worked with Walsh to create the SDS page with a backend searchable database. The new SDS page included a very short form (one field!) where customers type in their adhesive part number. Immediately, a new browser tab opens with the easy to download and print SDS.

Update: May 2020

Huff Industrial Marketing has worked with Appli-Tec since redesigning the website in 2015. As an integral member of the Appli-Tec marketing team, which meets weekly, the Huff team oversees the following:

  • Ongoing content marketing — FAQs, tech tips, case studies; completely revised More Info section to boost company expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T)
  • Recruitment marketing — Added a new Careers section in 2019, including all new photography
  • Revised messaging — Created Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) page, company values, new products and services, etc.
  • SEO — Completely revamped how website visitors access TDS by moving from a PDF format to a search / mobile friendly HTML format for improved lead conversion
  • PPC — Oversee Google and MSN account management to generate leads
  • Tradeshows — Create banners and other materials
  • Numerous misc. projects — Break room banner to business cards and other collateral


Appli-Tec CEO Tim Walsh


“We were spending at least three to four hours a week fielding calls and emails from customers who needed SDS — immediately. We would drop everything to take care of these requests. Our front office staff was becoming a little overwhelmed.

“Thanks to the Huff Industrial Marketing team, and specifically Stephen, customers now enter their adhesive product number into a short form field on the website. The form is connected to a backend database – so customers instantly receive a downloadable PDF via their browser.

“Customers tell us they love this feature as it saves them so much time. It’s also very easy for us to update the database within WordPress ourselves, which we do regularly – so it saves us time and money as well.

“Over the last five years, the website has helped us to grow our sales. We regularly receive inquiries through email, phone and our RFQ form, many of which come from online searches, which Dianna tracks for us each week. Using data she provides from Google Analytics, we’re able to tie these email and phone inquiries back to our in-house opportunities list.

“The Huff Industrial Marketing team has been incredibly responsive to our requests. They listen to what we want to achieve and then suggest practical solutions. I highly recommend them for your website and ongoing marketing needs.”

— Tim Walsh, CEO, Appli-Tec