I continue to be amazed at the amount of hype AI is getting with regard to content production. And I continue to ask myself, “If I’m a professional writer, and a damned good one, why do I need a robot to do my work for me?”

This question has made me pay close attention to my writing process. For starters, I don’t rely on AI tools to “suggest” topics for me. Instead, I listen to our clients, then I suggest topics.


Step one: Pitch an idea. “Hey Brandon, do you think we should do a brief post about crane access for blast rooms?”

Brandon Acker: “That would be awesome!” (Brandon is the CEO of Titan Abrasive; read his amazing start-up story.)

Step two: Schedule a call, have a brief interview and ask lots of questions. Learn a ton.

Step three: Write up a draft.

Behind the scenes

Now, here is where it gets super interesting for me. I let things gel. Whatever I’m writing, whether a content piece or an entire website, I let things sit for a day or two or three.

I walk Rocky, take care of house chores, work in the yard, or ride my bike.

Then, I come back and like magic, I can see where to make edits. I polish things up, print out the doc and read it out loud while making more edits, do another printed proof, and then send the Word doc off for review.

The piece I did about crane access for blast rooms? Brandon Acker sent it back with zero edits and this comment: “You nailed it! I have nothing to add or change. Great job Dianna.” (You can view the final piece at the Titan Let’s Get Blasted blog.)

My goal with anything I write is threefold:

  • Educate the client’s audience with high-value information
  • Save the client time (and brain energy) by ensuring the piece requires minimal or zero editing
  • Showcase their expertise

So I’m asking you, WHY would I want to turn my skill and talent over to a machine that knows nothing about our clients, their industries, their concerns or challenges?

If you’re a manufacturer, and you’re tired of getting content you absolutely can’t use, or the “writer” (bot?) you’re working with can’t or won’t deliver, let’s talk!

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