After years of investing in their business, processes, and employees, Keystone Precision & Engineering turned their attention to marketing — beginning with a new website.

The old website, built in WordPress ca. 2008, was quite dated and didn’t communicate all the changes and updates Keystone had made — which included a second high-end CNC machining production facility and dedicated assembly room.

The company also wanted to use the website to attract skilled machinists.

The redesign focused on a complete refresh of the Keystone brand and messaging, including a new logo, as well as moving the site to the new Gutenberg WordPress editor and new web host.

Other benefits of the redesign include:

  • Completely rewritten copy to showcase the company’s expertise as a contract manufacturer
  • All new photography taken on-site at the new production facility and dedicated assembly area; close-ups of machined parts, etc.
  • New Careers section with list of job openings plus an online job application
  • New Resources section for follow-on content marketing to drive traffic over time
  • A new Industries section
  • Utilization of new WordPress backend features
  • Updated SEO, content, and calls-to-action
  • Setting up and moving the website to a new web host

The result is a website that exceeded the project goal without scope creep: To position Keystone as a modern, forward-thinking contract manufacturer / CNC shop that delivers precise and exacting attention to detail across the entire business.

Shortly after the website went live, Keystone began posting job openings on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Says Tyler Stanieich, Director of Sales & Marketing, “With the old website, we rarely got traction on our job listings. Within a week of posting our first ‘Open Position’ on LinkedIn and Instagram, we filled it. The reason is because people now come to the website and can see what it’s like to work for us. We’re pumped!”

View the new site:

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