Missouri-based manufacturer of deep-hole and gun drilling machines, Kays Engineering purchased its third company, TechniDrill, in 2020. Matt Kays, VP of Sales and Business Development, tried to fit the new product line into the existing website, but the process was similar to adding a third child to an overcrowded home.

“Our website, which Huff Industrial Marketing had developed in 2014, was still working fine,” says Matt. “But Rachel Cunliffe and Dianna Huff were right in their assessment; it was time for an update.”

With the redesign, the Kays website was custom developed on the new Gutenburg WordPress editor. Each element in WordPress, from content to images, is now contained in blocks, which can be customized, reused, and easily updated.

Other benefits of the redesign include:

  • Improved usability, including larger text, tap-to-call, and retina images
  • Utilization of new WordPress backend features
  • Updated site map, including new product line
  • Improved navigation, including a mega-menu for the Products section
  • Updated site security (HTTPS)
  • Updated SEO, content, and calls-to-action

The result is a fresh, modern website that easily works on desktop and mobile.

Says Matt, “Our new website is amazing!! It clearly communicates Kays Engineering’s expertise and attention to detail. It’s clean and very easy to read and use.”

View the new site: www.kays-dehoff.com


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