The people who share their stories with me are incredibly generous, especially with their time. While I keep interview times as short as possible, and provide questions before-hand, business owners and others I talk to are B-U-S-Y.

Then once the piece is written, they’ll review it for accuracy and will often provide photos as well.

To thank people for their time, I’ve begun sending an awesome “Keep It Made USA” t-shirt, manufactured and printed by Authentically American (link to write up below).

These shirts are made of 100% cotton and are incredibly soft and fit well. But what I love best is the inside, where it reads, “Made in the USA.” Yeah baby!!

The second reason I’m sending out shirts is because I want to do more to promote the people who have shared their stories — and the products they make. It’s not easy manufacturing in the United States, and those who do face many challenges.

So, I’ve asked people to post photos of themselves and their shirts on LinkedIn. It gives me a chance to provide my followers with another link to the original write up — as well as promote the message of “buy Made in USA.”

The shirts are so handsome, even my son asked for one. 😀 The first time I wore one to the gym, a woman stopped me to say, “Love your shirt. I always read the label first.” She totally made my day!

Photos I have so far:

noel bolinger-sta-rite
Mr. Bolinger, CEO of Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou with his Keep It Made USA shirt.

Brothers Anthony Hussak and Alex Hussak, of Start Imagining, posted their shirt with the custom notecards they make for me — including the branded ones that match my blog header. I send a handwritten note with each shirt. 😍

From Start Imagining’s LinkedIn post

But, it was meme-master Rob Kluge who set the bar last week with this fantastic meme using his shirt. Love it!

From Rob Kluge’s LinkedIn post
Allison Giddens gave her shirt to her Night Shift Lead — He was thrilled!

It was Rob Kluge who helped me understand why telling manufacturers’ stories is so important: It’s because together we’re supporting the Made in USA movement. I may not be a manufacturer, but I do have a role to play. And so do you.

Be sure to read the stories on this blog to become inspired — about the lengths people go to make stuff here, the challenges they overcome, and the good they’re doing in terms of creating jobs and keeping people employed.

Then, before you buy your next item, READ THE LABEL first and then buy Made in USA!


Dean Wegner, Authentically American

Noel Bolinger, Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou

Anthony Hussak, Start Imagining

Rob Kluge, Siebert, Inc.

Allison Giddens, Win-Tech, Inc.

Full Disclosure

I’m not paid nor asked to write about US-made products. I buy products, use them, and if I like them, I tell everyone about them. I’m also thrilled to support small, family-owned companies.

I do this because my mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. This mission is my way of giving back. We like to think our “small” choices won’t make a difference. They do.