Authenticity 50 heritage blanket
Image © Authenticity 50

I’ve raved about Authenticity 50 and their “honest bedding” in the past. Last year, they introduced their new Heritage Blanket, a 100% American-grown cotton blanket woven in Maine.

Having used mine through fall and winter, all I can say is that it is hands-down the best blanket I’ve ever had. It definitely lives up to Authenticity 50’s reputation of highest quality and craftsmanship.

These blankets are generously sized. I ordered a Queen and after puzzling over why it was so large, made it the bedspread (versus putting it beneath the duvet cover — also from A-50). It instantly added color and texture to the bedroom — and was the perfect finishing touch. The woven cotton adds weight, warmth, and breathability without bulk or making you feel overheated.

I love knowing the Heritage Blanket was made right here in New England and that by purchasing it (plus two as gifts), I’m helping to keep a family-owned weaving mill in business.

You can view the blanket and Authenticity 50’s other made-in-USA bedding products at the company website —

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