Other people watch sporting events. I analyze the ads in industry print publications — and have done so for years.

The one thing I’m constantly looking for is whether or not companies send readers to their home page or a specific landing page.

Website home page = bad.

Trackable landing page = good — for oh so many reasons.

The funny thing is though, even though it’s super easy to create a landing page and then add the URL to the print ad, few industrial companies actually do it (even the big ones, who have agencies looking after them). I’m not sure why.

At any rate, in my first article for Marketing Land, 3 tips for tracking response to industrial tradeshow print ads and landing pages, I give you some smart advice (MarketingLand’s words) on how to measure real-world marketing efforts.

I wrote this article based on the questions my small manufacturing clients ask me, so the tips are actually things you can do yourself.

As an aside, this tweet about the article, from Robert Bunting Jr. of Bunting Magnets, totally made my day! Woot! 🙂