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As a full-service marketing agency, we create and implement technical content marketing programs that help you grow your business.

Designed for smaller manufacturers who lack a dedicated in-house marketing team, our Marketing-as-a-Service subscription plans get us engaged with your business to create content that showcases your capabilities and expertise.

All content is technical, written for your audience, and created in-house by our team. We’re intimately familiar with all aspects of manufacturing across many industries — from adhesives and metals to robotics and machining.

Most importantly, these plans deliver measurable marketing and sales ROI.

Q4 2020 Results: Depending on their program and budget, Huff Industrial Marketing clients realized between 9 and 18 sales-ready leads per month from Organic search alone. We define “sales ready leads” as those coming from submitted RFQ forms and email inquiries that become sales opportunities.

The process:


Listen to customers
Ask employees


Communicate message
Build your brand

Call to action

Take the next step
Make it easy



Make it skimmable
High-quality images


Google Analytics
Leads to sales

Choose the right plan for your business:


Pre-purchase in 5-hour increments

  • Update copy on existing web pages
  • Create new web pages (copy and design)
  • Revise job descriptions; create custom “Help Wanted” signage
  • Design print materials (e.g. business cards)
  • Produce marketing materials (sales sheets, line cards, print ads)
  • Special helps: CRMs, job search platforms, conversion tracking

Costs for printing, images, third-party applications, etc. will be billed additionally.

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$1,500 per month

For manufacturers with smaller resources

  • One content piece per month
  • Includes topic idea, interview, writing, SEO, design, adding to website
  • Two promotions on LinkedIn
  • Weekly conversion and quarterly reports
  • 6-month commitment

One-off onboarding fee may apply to set up a website Resources section.

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$2,900 per month

For manufacturers with larger resources

  • Two content pieces per month
  • Includes topic idea, interview, writing, SEO, design, adding to website
  • Ongoing promotion on LinkedIn
  • One newsletter promotion a month, including writing, formatting, and send out
  • Weekly conversion and monthly reports
  • 12-month commitment

One-off onboarding fee may apply to set up a website Resources section, newsletter template, or mailing list.

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Brandon Acker

We’re thrilled with the results of Huff Industrial Marketing’s content marketing plan. Since we started including content pieces on our website, we’ve seen our organic search engine ranking improve, from the second page of Google to the top of page 1. The content pieces have also increased our online sales. Since adding these content pieces, which explain in detail the differences between our systems, we’ve seen a shift from standard equipment purchases to upgraded, top-of-the-line, machines. We couldn’t be happier.