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Updated: July 3, 2024

At the start of my Made in USA journey in 2015, I spent time looking for Made in USA dinnerware.

At the time, I hadn’t yet learned how to find direct-to-consumer Made in USA manufacturers. Instead, I searched in stores and major retailers online — which meant everything I found was made in China or elsewhere — with the exception of Fiesta® (which I did own at one point but lost post-divorce).

While I liked the product, if I had to buy something new, I wanted more vibrancy. I really love patterns!

According to the Fiesta® Tableware website, cheap imports began entering the American market in the 1950s, “never really stopped, and always seemed to get less expensive. There seemed to be no bottom. And the foodservice market eventually chased after the popular consumer trend — everything’s disposable.”

The Homer Laughlin China Company, manufacturers of Fiesta, was acquired by Steelite International in 2020 and was renamed The Fiesta® Tableware Company. (source)

After almost giving up, I ended up scoring a vintage Made in USA Pfaltzgraff set from my local Savers. (My son was actually shopping; I was browsing.)

As you can see on the price tag, the six dinner plates were priced at $4.00! I couldn’t believe it. I even inquired at the register before buying to confirm the price. I purchased the plates, plus the bowls and salad plates, for $20. Deal of the century! (An American success story, Pfaltzgraff ended domestic production years ago and is now owned by Lifetime Brands.)

I used these dishes for nine years and they served me well . . . but as I explain below, I was ready for an upgrade.

Vintage Made in USA Pfaltzgraff found at Savers ®Dianna Huff, 2022

HF Coors: 100% Made in the USA

While at an event in 2022, I met Craig, the father of three boys. We started talking and discovered we were both Made in USA advocates. We excitedly began sharing the names of products we loved and he told me about a line of dinnerware he had found a few years ago and loved.

“Hi Dianna,” wrote Craig in an email after our conversation. “I wanted to pass along the name of the dinnerware manufacturer . . . HF Coors. Very pricey (not surprising) but their dishes have easily survived a few mishaps around here in their short few years so far in our house. Great quality and hopefully a healthier alternative (lead and mostly cadmium-free) to the mass-produced options out there.”

I immediately checked out their website . . . but couldn’t justify the expense when I had “perfectly good” dishes already. But, I kept going back and looking at them. I really liked that they were made in the USA — and the patterns and colors! 😍

Many products these days are often assembled of “globally sourced” or imported components. I get it — it’s tough to find everything here in the U.S., although it can be done, if you spend the time. My client, Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive, is proof.

HF Coors dinnerware is 100% made in the USA using American-sourced materials. The company mixes its own clay and glazes from scratch. Clay ingredients are sourced from Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina; glazes are formulated from over 13 domestically sourced ingredients.

The ability to source their own domestic ingredients means the company tightly controls what goes into the ceramic pieces it produces in Tucson, AZ each year.

Everything is made by hand

Rather than explain the process of how HF Coors creates its dinnerware, I recommend you watch a couple of their videos. This one, from the “How It’s Made” TV show, shows the process start to finish.

What I find amazing is that skilled artisans paint the dinnerware by hand. Now that I own a set, I find myself constantly looking at my dishes for any small mistakes. I haven’t found any. Their craftsmanship is superb.

Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

In 2021, the company was featured on Fox & Friends. Company representatives showcased a few of their products — including the Veterans Mug they make for Starbucks.

(Fox & Friends, I might add, does a great job showcasing companies that make things here in the US.)

HF Coors sells its hand-painted dinnerware to consumers; its matte finish lines are sold to restaurants. HF Coors also makes mugs for the military.

A certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, HF Coors produces nearly 800,000 pieces each year for consumers, restaurants, and commercial clients throughout the US and Canada.

And yes, the Coors name is the famous one – the company was founded in 1925 by Herman Frederick Coors, son of the renowned Coors brewery founder, Adolph Coors.

As an aside, being a certified SDVOSB is a big deal. Of the 30,000 companies that say they’re service-disabled veteran owned, only 30% have completed the audit to become certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It’s always good when you can support a veteran-owned business.

Which pattern did I purchase?

I’ve been renovating my 1960 mid-century ranch house since 2008. It’s been a huge project as I’ve pretty much replaced or upgraded everything, starting with the roof.

Almost everything, including the roof shingles, is Made in the US. I now refer to my house as my “test lab,” ha!

I finished major work in January 2023; all that’s left is the kitchen, which is a project by itself. I decided to take a break for awhile and put the renovation on hold.

However, I’ve been feeling increasingly out of sorts. It felt weird not to have a house project goal . . . and every time I look at something in the kitchen that I’ve wanted to replace, such as my old electric stove, I tell myself, “No, you have to wait until you start the renovation.”

That didn’t feel right either.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of my house . . . and it’s the heart and soul of me as well because I love to cook using fresh, locally grown food.

So, I change my mind. Instead of waiting for the full renovation to buy the things I’ve wanted for years, I decided to start with new dishes and bought six place settings of the HF Coors Bella Flora pattern.

The HF Coors Bella Flora pattern. Flatware Made in USA by Liberty Tabletop.
Maple table handcrafted by Saloom Furniture, Winchendon, MA.

Using them for the last two months has filled my heart with joy. The dishes are simply beautiful and perfect in every way.

I spend a lot of time sourcing my food from local farmers. Now I feel even better knowing I’m eating off dinnerware that’s lead- and cadmium-free.

Adding such beauty and vibrancy to my table has been a wonderful way to replenish my soul.

I plan on adding to my set with a serving platter or two and serving bowls, plus other items. These dishes are a lovely investment and hand-me-down worthy — the way grandmother’s china used to be before production was shipped off to China.

To learn more about HF Coors, visit their website — https://hfcoors.com.

Full Disclosure

I’m not paid nor asked to write about products or the companies that make them. All links in this piece FREE — meaning, they’re not sponsored or paid for. I buy products, use them, and if I like them, I tell everyone about them.

I do this because my mission is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. This mission is my way of giving back. We like to think our “small” choices won’t make a difference. They do.