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Custom coffee table, Saloom Furniture, Winchendon, MA.

Update: March 7, 2023

A full year has passed since I launched this blog — and the response to it has been amazing. I’ve met so many people and continue to be inspired by the lengths people will go to either manufacture here in the US or buy American-made products.

It’s also taken me awhile to acknowledge I’ve become an “influencer.” I’m glad people read my posts on LinkedIn and have begun taking small steps toward their own Made in USA journeys. The best thing anyone can say to me is, “I now look for Made in USA because of you. Keep posting!”

Even more, I love when people call or email to ask, “You know those towels you featured a while ago? Where did you get them?” That would be Towels by Gus, although any retailer offering true Made in USA towels are most likely getting them from 1888 Mills, LLC in Griffen, GA. They’re only toweling mill left.

What makes this blog a little different

Unlike celebrity influencers, or affiliate bloggers, I’m not paid to write about any company or product. Nor would I accept renumeration if someone offered it. All links on the posts you read are free.

So why do invest the time when I have a business, a high-energy German Shepherd, and a house I’m renovating?

Because I love the United States and manufacturing. While I’ve worked hard all my life, I’ve also I’ve been given a great deal. Promoting the companies and the products they make in order to keep jobs here stateside is my way of giving back.

That’s my “why.” I hope you’ll join me by subscribing (see the form at the top of this post). You’ll receive an email on an irregular basis.

If you have a great story idea or a product you think I should know about, please feel to contact me. Thank you!

Made in USA items featured in the main blog header photo:

  • Floyd sofa, Detroit, MI — Read the exclusive interview
  • Modilumi lamp shade, St. Paul, MN
  • Carpet + carpet pad (mfger not known but def. made in the US)
  • Spoonflower curtains & pillow, Durham, NC
  • Coastal Industries windows, Haverhill, MA
  • CanvasWorld print, California

Photo by Tiffany Cook, Plaistow, NH.

Wardrobe & Makeup

Buying clothing made in the US can be tough, but in the photo I’m wearing a top by Kleids, made in the US, and pants by Joseph Ribkoff, made in Canada. Eye glass frames made in Italy. (You can’t find frames made in the US anymore.)

The skincare and vegan makeup products I use are made in the US as well.

USA Plaque

The wooden USA plaque was made by Deep South Creations, a veteran-owned and operated business in South Carolina. My customer, Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive, gave it to me because he said that as “Queen of Made in USA,” my office needed to have it. I love it!


People often ask, “Oooh, where did you get that sunflower print?” Yes, I love it, too! So happy and cheery! A friend took the photo at a local farm; I uploaded it to CanvasWorld and had them create a printed canvas.

CanvasWorld is one of my favorite finds. The company produces stunning canvas art pieces using eco-friendly inks and manufacturing processes. The wooden frames are built in CA; printing is done there as well, although I haven’t confirmed if they use domestic canvas. Check them out!

Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. She’s a passionate advocate for Made in USA and a geeky backyard birder.

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