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Save time & money, achieve marketing ROI

The secret to achieving your marketing and sales goals in today’s always-on, highly-distracted world is actually pretty simple: hundreds of incremental improvements made over time based on data, feedback from sales and customer support, and combined ingenuity (yours and ours).

It’s telling your story of innovation, expertise, and grit to attract prospects (and employees, too) — while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

The result of continual website and marketing improvement for the manufacturers who worked with Huff Industrial Marketing through the pandemic of 2020 and 2021: Double- and triple-digit percentage increases in sales-ready RFQs and inquiries.

No tricks, gimmicks, or silver bullets.

That’s the Huff Industrial Marketing difference.

Expertise that solves your marketing challenges


Website Design

Demonstrate expertise.
Establish trust and credibility.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Grow revenue.
Gain more sales-ready leads.



Build your brand.
Market your business.

Workforce Attraction

Workforce Attraction

Build a great team.
Attract the right people.