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The world has changed dramatically — but has your sales and marketing?

Today’s world calls for very different ways of thinking with regard to marketing and sales.

  • Prospects are vetting you versus you vetting them.
  • Buyers expect the same type of seamless user experience they get with consumer websites. If your website is broken or lacks the right messaging, you immediately lose trust and credibility.
  • Your competition is the browser “back button” as prospects head back to Google, Bing, or other search engine.

You need a team of experts who understand this changed world, plus marketing, plus your manufacturing business and audience — and who work in the trenches with manufacturers every day, creating and implementing solutions that deliver proven, bankable results.

You need Huff Industrial Marketing.

Services that solve your most pressing business needs


Website Design

Demonstrate expertise.
Establish trust and credibility.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Grow revenue.
Gain more sales-ready leads.



Build your brand.
Market your business.

Workforce Attraction

Workforce Attraction

Build a great team.
Attract the right people.