Here you’ll find brief descriptions of the website projects I’ve completed in conjunction with Cre8d Design. For clients working with me via the Annual Marketing Consulting Program or AdWords, all work is conducted under NDA, hence my success stories for these programs can’t be published.

Form Cut Industries

Form Cut Industries

Form Cut had an amazing story that wasn’t being told: the manufacturer of pins and wireform parts created some very intricate, yet very tiny parts. Calling on the skills of Al Ferreira, an industrial photographer, we used photographs to showcase the company’s expertise and capabilities. The result is a website filled with stunning, highly detailed photography. Now prospects can see what Form Cut can do for them. Beautiful!

InControl Medical, LLC

InControl Medical

Founder and CEO Herschel “Buzz” Peddicord, III wanted a completely redesigned website to communicate messages about the company’s innovative medical devices to various audiences: investors, physicians, and consumers. The result is a streamlined website that tells the company story while building trust, authority, and credibility in the company’s products — engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Titan Abrasive Systems

Titan Abrasive Systems

Titan CEO Brandon Acker wanted a new website that reflected the company’s product offerings and innovative spirit — as well as differentiating it from competitors. The new website features completely revised navigation and updated copy and messaging. Once the website was complete, Brandon had Rachel Cunliffe and me create his Shopify cart and have it tie seamlessly into his website. (See the e-commerce example below.)

Urethane Innovators

Urethane Innovators

The UI team wanted to revise their website, which was clunky, poorly designed, and impeded the sales process. It also didn’t tell the story of how UI solves really tough application challenges. The new website, featuring all new photography by Al Ferreira, meets all of UI’s objectives — including getting more inquiries.



CEO Tim Walsh wanted a website that communicated his company’s story, made it easy for customers to download SDS, and was very easy for him and his team to maintain. The result is a completely new WordPress website, with a backend SDS database, that also generates inquiries.

NE Electropolishing


The Almeida family wanted to deftly weave its family business and quality story into their marketing efforts. Part of the strategy included a completely redesigned website that would help increase inquiries.

Kays Engineering

Kays Engineering Website Overhaul

Matt Kays, VP of Business Development, wanted to completely update and redesign the company’s 15-year old GoDaddy website. The result is a fresh, modern website fully optimized for search and mobile friendly.

K2 Castings


CEO Tom Stanek wanted a complete website overhaul in order to sell more product and promote his company’s consulting services. The result is a clean industrial website that meets their goals and objectives.

Lanmark Controls


VP of Marketing Chris Oskirko wanted a website that communicated how the company’s laser marking boards fit into the new “connected” factories as part of the growing Industrial Internet of Things. She also wanted a website she and her team could easily update themselves. The result? A custom, mobile-friendly WordPress site.

European Home

Holly Markham, CEO, wanted to provide site visitors with a significantly enhanced user experience. The result is a completely redesigned website built with her users in mind. The strategic redesign completely changed how the company provides customer service — to its dealers and to consumers looking for a fireplace. The WordPress backend makes it very easy for the marketing team to make content updates.

E-commerce sites for manufacturers

Whether you have a parts store or you want to sell your products directly to a business or consumer audience, Cre8d Design and I can help. Our expertise includes creating e-commerce sites using the Shopify platform. Capabilities include custom branding, data migration, content updating / SEO, and more.

Luxite Saw Blades

e-commerce manufacturing website

Mary Chairs, VP of Operations, wanted to update the York Saw & Knife’s e-commerce website where they sold higher-end saw blades to woodworkers, contractors, and the like. This website was created in Shopify using the platform’s free theme, which we customized to suit the brand and message.

Titan Abrasive


After we did his main website, CEO Brandon Acker asked us to completely update his parts store. The shop was created using a for-fee Shopify theme customized to match the website branding. The result is a beautiful and easy-to-use shop that ties in seamlessly with the main website.

Ascend Products


A new shop we created for Ascend Products. The company had an antiquated website and wanted a new one to take advantage of online ordering and AdWords.

People often ask if I work with non-industrial companies. The answer is “yes!” The following are projects Cre8d Design and I worked on together.

ClearView Consulting


Rachel Cunliffe and I created ClearView Consulting Company’s original website in 2010, when CEO Dennis Woodruff founded the company. Due to significant growth and change, ClearView Consulting need a complete redesign, including new messaging — which we provided in 2017.

Forgotten Arts


Co-founder James Conquer needed help with creating the structure and copy for his new business website Forgotten Arts, a unique destination experience in New Zealand.



A B2B digital marketing agency based in Boston, Derek Edmond, Managing Partner, wanted help with revising his agency’s website in terms of navigation and how content was presented, as well as communicating how KoMarketing works, their successes, and their capabilities.

Sharon Teitelbaum, MCC

Sharon Teitelbaum, Master Certified Coach, needed help weeding through years of outdated content, and then with managing the migration to a custom developed WordPress website.

HomeCare of the Rockies


President Sandi McCann, a long-time client, wanted help with managing the migration of her website from a clunky pre-built WordPress theme to a custom-developed one.

Simone Joyaux, ACFRE

Simone needed help with chucking decades of old content and then creating a whole new website from scratch. When she saw the first mock-ups, she called me and Rachel Cunliffe (in New Zealand) literally crying tears of joy. We still get emails from her telling us how much she loves her website.

Trippo Water Slide, AU


Owner Neil Fox wanted help with creating content for his new business venture — an inflatable waterslide based in Australia. This was a fun one as I got to write in an  “Aussie” voice for the copy I created. 🙂