Marketing has undergone rapid and profound change in the last 18 years, and the accelerated rate at which these changes have occurred is mind-boggling, to say the least. The result has been a whole lot of hype, overwhelm, and confusion.

To help you navigate these changes, I draw upon over 20 years of marketing experience — both online and off.

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

To meet your desired outcomes, I create strategies tailored to your business and goals. These strategies are my way of getting important information out of your head and into a written format where it can be used to move forward. Customers tell me they find this strategy work quite helpful as it helps them think things through.

Traditional Marketing Communications

My skill set includes over two decades of marketing communications (marcom) with large and small companies. I’m well-versed in PR, direct mail, print ads, email marketing, print and e-newsletters, writing articles for trade publications, blogs, video scripts, etc.

Lead Generation and Direct Response

I have a strong background in lead generation and direct response, including writing direct mail letters, landing pages, offers, and direct response ads that get results. The benefit to you is that I combine offline and online and ensure they work together to deliver measurable results.


I’ve been doing holistic, ethical, results-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2001 for companies large and small. From a deep understanding of the basics to today’s mobile search requirements, I keep abreast of changes and incorporate them into my work. I’m also a Search Engine Land columnist.

Google Analytics Certified

To properly track and measure all digital campaigns (and as much as possible, offline campaigns as well), I became Google Analytics Certified in August 2016. View my certification here.

Google AdWords Certified

To better help my clients get more inquiries from their text-based search advertising efforts, I studied for and passed the Google Adwords Certification exams. View my certification here.


My first “real” job out of college was with the Northern California Marine Association, an industry trade organization. As part of our work, we put on two boat shows a year — one in a huge exhibition hall and one in the water. While working MarCom at Varian Associates, I helped put together tradeshow exhibits for the factories I supported. So I’ve worked both sides — and know a lot!

Project Management

My specialty is overseeing complex projects, such as website redesigns, and ensuring they stay on track and on budget. I take the stress out of redesigning a website and act as the bridge between you and the website designer. I take the time to answer all of your questions — and no question is too dumb.

Trusted Advisor

What I love about working with small manufacturers like you is that you care about your employees and consider them family. As we work together and get to know each other, I become part of your team.

While I know I’ve been hired to get results, and it’s a charge I take quite seriously, I also cherish the relationships I build and value the trust customers place in me.

Thank you for considering me for your marketing project.