I go the extra mile to get results for you — results meaning INQUIRIES! (For me, it’s the be all and end all.)

Getting results starts with visiting your facility before I start your project. I want to meet you and your team, see how you work, and ask you lots of questions.

Here I am with Tim Walsh, CEO of Appli-Tec, learning about his adhesive products.

Dianna Huff - Notepad

My low-tech process: a pen, a notebook, and good listening skills.

I find these visits so crucial to my work that I take the time to drive to your facility even if you’re a few states away.

I drove to Urethane Innovators in North Carolina, for example, and spent two days assisting Al Ferreira, the photographer, and Kurt Moberly, the general manager, with the photoshoot.

It’s time well-spent because it’s during these factory visits that I learn about your company and how you work, your successes and challenges, and your philosophy.

While you talk, I observe everything. I ask lots of questions, handle products, and take a ton of notes. I jot down the ideas that eventually become part of your messaging, website, and marketing strategy.

Al Ferreira

Al Ferreira, industrial photographer, in action at Urethane Innovators.

Mary Chairs - Luxite

Mary Chairs, VP of Operations, York Saw & Knife Co.

Heck, I’ll even drop everything and meet you here in my neck of the woods, the way I did with Mary Chairs when she was up from Pennsylvania visiting local colleges with her son. We met at the Bentley College cafeteria for two hours of conversation. Great meeting! I learned all about saw blades, the family business, and the fact Mary and I read many of the same books.

My philosophy to how I approach marketing your business is also pretty simple: I make recommendations based on what I believe will work for you — rather than blindly following what other companies are doing.

If all this sounds good to you, pick up the phone and let’s talk.