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NEE Home Page – Before


NEE’s old website, which had some pretty good content, was basically an online brochure. It was missing the story the Almeida family wanted to tell, as well as other important content necessary to help build trust and credibility. It was also poorly optimized and wasn’t mobile-friendly.

Completely revise the website, including copy, photos, and design, in order to better tell NEE’s story. Amy Almeida Prigmore also wanted something a little “cheeky” while still adhering to an industrial manufacturing look and feel.


NEE Home Page – After


Work began with a tour of the NEE electropolishing facility in Fall River, MA and interviews of the family: founder and President Al Almeida and siblings Luke and Amy; plus lots of research regarding electropolishing and the industry.

The main message to be communicated was that NEE specialized in one type of service: electropolishing stainless steel parts, especially intricate parts for the medical device industry, where precision rates of removal are crucial.

One thing that came out of this strategy development was Luke and Amy’s desire to create a website that had a bit of “cheek” to it. Yay! Too often industrial websites look . . . well, industrial. And boring. It’s ok to have a little fun and show your company’s personality.

Write the copy and oversee photography

To better communicate NEE’s message, new copy included the information buyers and engineers needed to move forward with the company: robust Services and About sections as well as a new section that fully explained NEE’s attention to detail and quality.

To keep things on the light side, the standard “Why Work with Us” section was renamed to “How We Roll.” Amy and Luke made the decision to include some fun details about each of the management team members and have new photos taken of employees.

While the copywriting was being done, Luke and Amy hired a local photographer to take onsite photos. Dianna recommended to Luke and Amy that the photographer include NEE’s shop floor workers — and they agreed. Another yay!

Many companies say, “Our people make the difference” but what do they show on the website? A picture of the building. As Dianna has said for years now, “People do business with people — not buildings. So show your people.”

WordPress design and coding

NEE’s personality really came through once Rachel Cunliffe created the initial design mock ups. Using fun icons and a vibrant blue, she added life and a bit of whimsy to what would otherwise be a standard job shop website.

Instead of a building on the home page, the decision was made to feature family members and the Operations Manager — along with their own words about NEE. Photos of employees and NEE’s quality program and processes were added to almost every page of the site.

By featuring employees, management, and family members, the NEE website stands apart. It’s a fresh, clean site that communicates NEE’s quality, family-business message, and personality.

Once the new site was live, Luke and Amy hired Al Ferreira, of Al Ferreira Photography, to take in-studio photos of their parts. The results were stunning — beautifully done, professional photos that illustrate the care and attention to detail NEE puts into its work.

The Almeida family retained Dianna for a year after go live to create additional website content, including FAQs and case studies.

Amy Almeida Prigmore

Amy Almeida Prigmore, VP, Finance and Administration, NEE

“Dianna took great pains to understand our company’s communication goals from our first meeting. She thinks strategically and brought excellent direction and follow through to the project. We’re thrilled with our redesigned web site.”

— Amy Almeida Prigmore, VP, Finance and Administration, New England Electropolishing