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As a side business, York Saw & Knife, in York, PA, sold its high-end saw blades directly to woodworkers and contractors who want a saw blade of higher quality than what they could purchase at the big box stores.

However, the company’s old shopping cart website was completely outdated and wasn’t helping the company meet its sales objectives. Mary Chairs, VP of Operations, called Huff Industrial Marketing for help.

Completely redesign the outdated Luxite Saw Blade e-commerce website. Specifically, revise all existing copy and design, plus move the entire website to the Shopify e-commerce platform.


Luxite Saw Blades Home Page – After

Process / Solution

The first step was to export all the content from the existing website and completely revise it in order to determine the new site map. Once we knew what the site map would be, Rachel Cunliffe then researched the various themes in Shopify to determine which one would best suit the Luxite brand.

After some back and forth, we all agreed the free theme provided by Shopify would work best. Rachel customized the theme with the Luxite logo and colors while also uploading the new product photographs provided by Mary. All non-product photos were stock purchased from iStockphoto.

Mary and her father, the founder of York Saw and Knife, provided feedback and edits to the copy. Once the copy was approved, Dianna uploaded it, optimized it, and created the re-directs. We also worked with Mary to ensure the new website worked with the company’s existing e-commerce gateway.


Although typically used for consumer products, industrial companies with e-commerce functions can also avail themselves of the Shopify platform. The platform integrates with dozens of e-commerce gateways, including QuickBooks, and it’s very easy to customize the free theme to suit your needs.

For York Saw & Knife, the result is a clean, easy-to-use website that’s also easy for Mary to update. Once the site was live, Mary worked with her AdWords agency to update the landing page URLs, and once these were in place, sales began coming in.