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Lanmark Controls Home Page — Before


A client of Dianna Huff since the early 2000s, Lanmark Controls, a manufacturer of laser marking software and boards, needed a serious website update.

Because it had been designed using traditional HTML, the website was difficult for VP of Marketing Chris Oskirko to manage and update. To make minor edits, she would have to go into Dreamweaver, which took a lot of time, or call her advertising agency for help with formatting new pages, headers, etc., and then wait for her hosting company to upload the new content.

Sometimes, her requests simply went unheeded, which impacted her marketing and sales efforts.

Build a new custom-coded, mobile-friendly (responsive) website from scratch using WordPress. The project objectives included integrating a backend software download database and an API to Salesforce, and ensuring the new website kept Lanmark’s high search engine rankings.


Lanmark Controls – Home Page – After


Tell Lanmark’s story

Lanmark Controls develops and sells laser marking control boards and software for high-speed factory automation environments.

Because Lanmark was a long-time client of Dianna Huff’s, she already knew about their products and services. She had, in fact, written and optimized the content for the existing website.

What makes Lanmark Controls and its products very cool is that they’re part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Communicating this story visually to people who didn’t understand or know about this exciting new development proved challenging.

Because Lanmark creates boards that go inside machines that then become part of factory systems, showing a picture of a board wasn’t enough. We also couldn’t show the machines into which the boards were placed, due to NDA agreements.

Rachel Cunliffe and Dianna brainstormed various ways of telling this story, but it wasn’t until Dianna was at a photoshoot with Chris that she realized we would have to tell it through photos of laser marked products — from food packaging to industrial parts.

Once we figured this out, the rest of the website fell into place.

Create New Process for Software Downloads

Prospective clients who wanted to try Lanmark’s WinLase software could download a trial version; once they decided to purchase it, Lanmark would send them a dongle, which opened up the full version.

The process for requesting the download was a little convoluted. Working with Chris, Rachel recommended strategies for streamlining the process — as well as ensuring the backend and the download process were secure.

As part of the site update, Dianna added the white papers she had written for Lanmark a couple of years prior — but which Chris hadn’t been able to add to the old site due to the complexities of adding new content.

Custom code the website in WordPress

Rather than uploading Lanmark’s board comparison chart as a jpeg, Stephen Merriman coded it into the WordPress backend.

By coding the chart, Stephen helped Lanmark save considerable time and money as Chris and the Lanmark engineering team could now make updates as specs changed — versus having to wait for a designer to make the changes to a jpeg and then re-uploading the image. (Typically, designers who lack coding skills will use jpegs — which require advanced design skills to change or update.)

Stephen also ensured all systems worked with Lanmark’s backend database and Salesforce forms — as well as ensuring the website was easily accessible across all devices.

Stephen and Rachel also created two mirror sites — one for a Chinese version of the site and one for a German version. Chris had people internally translate content and then upload it to the new sites, which seamlessly integrated with the English version.

Chris Oskirko

Chris Oskirko, VP Marketing, Lanmark Controls


The new website is clean and easily navigable. It also allows Lanmark’s prospects to view and select the right board for their application, request and download software, and visually see the benefits of Lanmark’s products and their role in factory automation environments.

After it went live, Chris tweeted to Rachel and Dianna: “Thank you for your help in creating the website. My heart is singing!”

When we get feedback like this, Rachel and I are thrilled. This is why we do what we do — that is, create fresh, modern websites that help small manufacturers get more sales.

“Dianna’s expert assistance continues to be a key in contributing to the success of our marketing program — including the complete revamp of our website. Not only does it make my heart sing, but we’re seeing results as well. Dianna is always enthusiastic, professional and generous in sharing her experience and suggestions. I would not hesitate to contact or recommend Dianna and her team for any marketing request.”

— Chris Oskirko, VP Marketing, Lanmark Controls