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K2 Castings Home Page – Before


Tom Stanek wanted a new website that did a better job of helping him and his partner, Ben Guerrero, sell to three distinct audiences:

  • Those who wanted to purchase wear parts used inside metal shredding equipment
  • Owners of metal recycling facilities who wanted consulting on how to maximize their ROI
  • Shredding companies that wanted to build a new shredding facility and wanted someone to oversee the design/build process

The existing website was poorly designed and didn’t do a good job of communicating K2 Castings’ capabilities.

Build a new custom-coded, mobile-friendly (responsive) website using WordPress. The project objectives included creating all new content for the Products, Capabilities, Portfolio and About pages. Tom wanted the site to project a strong industrial presence while also looking fresh and modern.


K2 Castings Home Page – After


Tour a metal shredding facility

In order to learn about the industry, Tom arranged for a tour of his client’s metal shredding facility with Dianna, his office assistant, and himself. The tour included a complete walk around of the huge shredding plant but also a visit to the control room, where you could feel the entire structure vibrate as a cars and other really big items went through the shredder. The entire experience was amazing and very, very cool!

As part of the initial ramp-up process, Dianna reviewed all of K2 Castings’ marketing collateral, read industry websites, and interviewed Tom and Ben about the business, their customers, and their sales process. Dianna also read the book, Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade, for further edification.

Develop the messaging and write the copy

Creating new content for the Products pages was pretty straight-forward. After looking at lots of other websites and listening to Tom and Ben, Dianna recommended they create a new Portfolio where they could showcase their consulting services — namely, they were experts at designing and building metal shredding facilities. This message was non-existent on the existing website.

Dianna also worked with Tom to re-categorize all the the blog posts, as well as creating a few new ones.

After closely reading the completed website content, Rachel Cunliffe then created the initial design templates. Of particular note are the new Product pages with the product line drawings, which Tom developed in-house.

WordPress design and coding

One feature that Tom wanted was a custom RFQ page where customers could download drawings that showed how to measure each area of the part — and then re-upload these drawings and/or add photos. Working with Tom, Stephen and Rachel created this form. Stephen also linked the general inquiry form to K2’s CRM application, which eliminated double entry for Tom.

Rachel worked with Tom and Dianna to determine how best to communicate the company’s three distinct services: Product Sales, Consulting, and Construction. The result is the three images on the home page which, when clicked on, take site visitors to that specific section of the website.

While all this was going on, Tom worked with Lisa Doughtery, of BrandLove, to create new LinkedIn profiles for him and Ben. Links to these profiles were added to Tom and Ben’s bio pages. Tom worked with his in-house team to create the line drawings for each part, which Rachel added to the site.

Once all the design elements were approved, Stephen then coded up the site, and once Tom approved it, Stephen made it live.

Tom Stanek

Tom Stanek, President, K2 Castings


The new K2 Castings website is clean yet projects a strong industrial look and feel. Customers and prospects can click on the wear part they need from the drawings on the home page — and be taken directly to that part’s Product page. Each Product page includes a call-to-action that links to the custom RFQ form.

The new Project Portfolio gives people a good overview of Tom and Ben’s capabilities as well as the types of Design/Build projects they can tackle.

“We much appreciated Dianna Huff’s careful study of our business and goals to craft our message and help us refresh our marketing plans. She understands manufacturers and regional businesses big and small and how businesses sell. Best of all, she has an fine team of colleagues that supply expertise where needed. They will work very hard for you and can help you in ways large and small, just ask.”

— Tom Stanek, Founder and President, K2 Castings