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InControl Medical Home Page — Before


Herschel “Buzz” Peddicord, Founder and CEO of InControl Medical, called because he was seeking design help. He had recently hired another agency to redesign the company website, but wasn’t happy with the results.

After talking with Buzz, we recommended that he redesign the entire website, including the confusing branding and messaging. In addition, the new website, which was to be built in WordPress, had to integrate with the company’s Shopify e-commerce platform.


  • Completely redesign the website, including design, copy, and images
  • Improve the user e-commerce experience and make the website mobile-friendly
  • Build trust and credibility with the company’s distinct audiences


InControl Medical Home Page – After


Buzz flew Dianna Huff to his facility in Milwaukee; he wanted to meet face-to-face, and Dianna wanted to see how the company’s products were made. It was during the discussions, and the plant tour, that Dianna recommended the website become the “corporate” face of the company — and then use it to link to each product’s e-commerce site. The problem with the existing site, Dianna and Rachel had realized, was that it was trying to be all things to at least four distinct audiences.

Tell the InControl Medical story

The wonderful thing about InControl Medical, Dianna learned, is that Buzz, a serial entrepreneur and inventor, began doing research about female incontinence in order to see if he could solve the problem for a family member. He learned few products on the market addressed the root cause — and set out to create a device that did so. During the onsite interview, he showed Dianna the initial mockup he had created — amazing.

From these discussions, research, and the facility tour, Dianna began rewriting the copy, as well as creating a photo shoot list for the photographer. The new content included a press room (ICM had a great deal of press!), the company’s videos, links to clinical trials, and a new “About” section with management bios and information about how and where the products were manufactured in the US.

Once Dianna had the preliminary copy and messaging ready, Rachel began presenting design mockups. Her goal was to present a fresh, clean website that served ICM’s various audiences — from physicians and consumers to reporters and investors — while also building trust and credibility in the company and its products.

Much of the work centered around content organization: the old website was a jumble of confusing navigation and extraneous content. Working closely with the ICM team, Dianna and Rachel created a more logical site map.

Rachel also spent considerable time mapping out the e-commerce flow and cleaning up the shopping cart glitches.

WordPress design and coding

Once the designs were approved, Stephen Merriman coded the website in WordPress. As part of the process, he also integrated with ICM’s Shopify shopping cart. Although consumers often purchased the devices on the respective product websites, they also came to the main ICM website to learn about the company — or to speak to a nurse — before making their purchase.

Buzz wanted consumers to have the ability to purchase from the corporate site without having to click back from where they had started.


The finished website is clean and fresh. “Buy now” buttons on product pages make purchasing very easy, whether on desktop or mobile, while content explains who the company is, what it does, and its successes.

As the corporate face of the company, the new website presents ICM as knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy — three important considerations for consumers purchasing medical devices direct from the manufacturer.