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A separate business entity started by a client, Ascend Products manufactures parts for elevators. The company sells the parts through distributors and directly to end-users.

The old website, however, was poorly designed, clunky, lacked content, and wasn’t e-commerce enabled. The team asked if Huff Industrial could redesign the website. When we suggested Shopify and e-commerce, the Ascend team said, “Yes, please!” In addition, they had us create a brand new logo.

Completely redesign the outdated Ascend website. Specifically, revise all existing copy and design, plus move the entire website to the Shopify e-commerce platform.


Ascend Products Home Page – After

Process / Solution

Since the old site had very little content, Dianna Huff spent considerable time interviewing the Ascend Products engineer, while also learning about the elevator industry in general. She then created all new content from scratch.

At the same time, the Huff team and the Ascend team worked with Al Ferreira, the photographer, to have in-studio photos taken of the parts, while Rachel Cunliffe created a new logo.

Once the copy was approved, Dianna uploaded it, optimized it, and created the re-directs. Using the free Shopify theme, Rachel created the new website — now with e-commerce capabilities. Rachel also helped the team configure the shipping settings and ensure the client’s UPS API setting was working correctly.


Although relatively simple, the new Ascend Products website allows distributors and end-users to easily order parts. The new site is fresh and modern, and helps build trust for buyers who may not have heard of the company. And, because the Shopify backend is so easy to use, it’s a snap for the Ascend team to update.