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People sometimes get sticker shock when they see our pricing.

It’s usually because they’ve been told a website shouldn’t cost more than a certain amount, such as $2,500.

Our response: Anyone can slap together a website, but only Huff Industrial Marketing delivers the complete package: Marketing, full content development, and custom coding and design.

The result is more than a website . . . it’s an investment in your business.

Here’s three reasons why.


Form Cut Industries: Complete rewrite + all new photography and design

Reason #1: Strategic marketing + content development

Small manufacturers will often say they’ll write the content themselves to save money.

The problem, however, is that in-house teams lack the expertise and skill needed for today’s online marketing.

They also don’t take the time to do all the strategy work upon which the copy — and by extension — design is based.

Due to the lack of a well-thought-out messaging strategy, the resulting copy is typically full of jargon and terminology only they understand. Worse, it doesn’t answer the questions prospective buyers have when they visit the website.

The Huff Industrial Marketing difference

The number one reason our websites are different is because we provide all the marketing, branding and positioning, and most important: the copy (or content).

  • We write everything for you, from the About and Careers pages to Products, Services, and Capabilities.
  • We take the time to research your niche market, ask you lots of questions, and then create copy that answers people’s questions before they even contact you — saving you and them time and money.
  • We also make sure the copy communicates what Google calls E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trust, a concept that’s just as important to Google’s algorithm as SEO.
  • SEO is built into our pricing, not a tacked-on additional monthly fee that some agencies charge.
  • And, because we bring an outside perspective, we’re better able to see why your company and its products and services rock — something you can’t do because you’re too close to what you do and what your company culture is like.

Most important, we know manufacturing. We guarantee you will get expertly written content geared for your audience — no matter what your product or service.


Form Cut’s website on a mobile device

Reason #2: Works beautifully on all devices

First impressions count. And for many of your customers, your website is their first interaction with your business.

When your website looks bad, seems neglected, and doesn’t work well, prospective customers are left wondering if the quality of your products and services is also low quality.

The Huff Industrial Marketing difference

When you hire us, we’ll ensure your website makes a fantastic first impression.

  • We custom design your theme based on your content strategy vs. generic theme boxes.
  • Theme code is clean, flexible, fast-loading and 100% glitch-free — unlike the bloated buggy code of cheap, pre-built themes.
  • We test everything and consider all kinds of things you don’t know about and shouldn’t have to.
  • Your finished website will look and function perfectly on any device.


Why we view websites as an investment in your business. (Team photo ©Form Cut Industries, Inc.)

Reason #3: Helps you grow your business

We hear this story repeatedly: a company hires a “web designer” based on price — only to learn six months down the road the website isn’t getting them any leads, or it’s broken, or they can’t update it.

Even worse, the web designer stops responding to email, so the small manufacturer is stuck. Now what?

The Huff Industrial Marketing difference

Hiring the right design firm or agency to oversee your website redesign is one of the most important things you’ll do for your company.

  • Your website is an investment — one that should continue to provide ROI for several years down the road.
  • When we create a website for you, we’re investing our time and effort into your company. We want to see you succeed.
    • This investment on our part is why you’ll receive the absolute best website and marketing we can provide, bar none.

      And, should you need updates, or something added or changed, we’re right here. Simply pick up the phone or send an email and we’ll get it done for you.